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    Why "supply and demand" is wrong (cheaper won't win the game)

    I believe the supply and demand curve works well. It can not be the only thing you use but is a basic princilpe and is a good starting point. A basic example is when companies come out with new Games such as the Wii or PS3 They come in at a high pricepoint knowing that they will only sell a...
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    OFF-TOPIC College Football ... BCS Sucks!

    I have to agree this is entertaining. I am an Ohio State fan so it is working out for me it looks like. TJ GO Bucs
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    Doggedly Pursue Your Dreams in the Face of Naysayers

    Good read and thanks for the Post.
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    O/T: FUNNY Achmed the Dead Terrorist

    That was great.....
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    Al Gore (this is NOT a political post)

    Look at Micheal Jordan. He was told by his highschool coach he would never be anygood at basketball. Guess he is laughing now.
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    OFF-TOPIC happy bday talmadge!

    Thanks All... It has been a good one... I look at it as my 23rd anniversary of my 21st b-day….LOL Talmadge
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    WEB/DIGITAL Sales Advice

    jimculler Trial closes like you are talking about is a must. Things like what color do you want? would delivery tomorrow be ok or do you need a weekend? I need to check and see if that is in stock( you should already know but a good close). you should have at least 5 or 6 of these...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Sales Advice

    You are starting marketing when you are developing the sales position. Sales is a part of marketing. They are different but sales is a part of the marketing stratagy. Talmadge
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    Don't Fear the ZEROs!

    The Number of 0's has always been a problem for people in general. That is one of the reasons most financials are writen in $1000 or Millions. So when people see $50 they know it means a million but they do not feel the anxioty of seeing it. Their mind just has to deal with the $50 not...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Sales Advice

    You need to sit down and think are you doing sales or are you doing marketing? Oh yes they are two diff. things. Talmadge
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    OFF-TOPIC First Annual Fastlane Beer and Pancakes Breakfast Meetup!

    WOW! Sounds like a great line up of speakers. How can people not want to be there? Talmadge
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    HOT TOPIC Time to Short Crox?

    Samething happen with the pet rock...LOL:banana:
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    Door to Door sales

    I do want to say one thing about "Door to Door" sales. It is the school of hard knocks for sales. You really can learn a lot. I spent 4 years doing it and training people. If you want a true education in sales that is it. I truely believe if you can do "Door to Door" sales that you can sale...
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    In the Air Force and ready to learn

    Welcome... I also would like to thank you for your service. I was in the AF myself. I wish you the best on everything you do.
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    HOT TOPIC Time to Short Crox?

    I think you might do an option on These ugly things. Everyone is saying that the holiday season is not going to do well. I think companies like crok will take a big hit. With the way things are going you just do not know? I like options.
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