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Recent content by thomas_nor

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  1. thomas_nor

    INTRO This is me

    Hello, As i always believe it is a good courtesy to say hello and introduce myself getting into a new place. I am a 46 year old man from Norway, in search for more inspiration and also share with what i might have of ideas, tips and knowledge when i can. I have been self employed since i was...
  2. thomas_nor

    Need some creative help for a "greenpage"

    Thank for for the idea, i have been into the idea an amazon type marketplace for eco friendly it is still one of the ideas on the table..that and a farmers market etc. but so far havent cone up with the idea that really give thay «WOW YES of cource this is what we need to do». But...
  3. thomas_nor

    Need some creative help for a "greenpage"

    Hello, I am new to this forum, the reason i did enter here was in search for help and inspiration. I have owned a domain for 15 years that i did see would increase in value as we need to focus on green living. I am located in Norway and the domain is "" just for the nordic...

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