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    UK Company setup questions

    I used, pretty cheap and straightforward. That being said, don't try and bother opening a business bank account with Barclays or something. Go with Tide or Starling. Far easier set up and no fees
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    Read it! Helped put a lot of perspective in to my consulting business' future!
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    Business not conform to CENTS - iterate or move on?

    Hey everyone, sorry for not replying to this earlier... Didn't get any email notifications for this thread for some reason! @MJ: Agree with you that this boils down to an HR system... before I hire someone though I'm working to fill out my sales funnel first. To be fair, I was hesitant to start...
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    Business not conform to CENTS - iterate or move on?

    Hey everyone, It's been a month since I first posted in this forum about my consulting business IdeaChecker. I received some very actionable advice from the members here and tweaked the copy and proposition. Since then I've been able to get a steady flow of paying customers (3-4 a week) each of...
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    Business Validation as a Service

    Really appreciate the advice here! And it mirrors the feedback I've gotten from my paying customers (just 3 so far), time to get at it! Do you have a dummy idea I could go after? Would like to try building out this fleshed out version from an idea that comes from this forum.
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    INTRO Hi everyone

    Welcome! I'm actually in the need for someone to help me get traffic and SEO on my site and would love to help someone out with getting started, since I'm in the same position. It's very new and I am still experimenting with getting local leads, setting up a funnel, etc. Would you be interested...
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    WEB SCHOOL Which website builder to use?

    It looks like you're looking to build out a marketplace... There's this company called Sharetribe which do just that. Although their functionality is a little limited, it's a great way for you to be able to test out your MVP and see if your idea works.
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    Business Validation as a Service

    Very valuable. Thanks man!
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    Business Validation as a Service

    Jeff thanks for taking the time to look it over! When you say it cut short do you mean some sort of takeaway was missing? Like when you finished it, you were like "hmmm, ok now what?" - If that's the case then maybe I could also include a "Next Steps" section that lays out what the immediate...
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    Business Validation as a Service

    Sounds good and good luck!
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    Business Validation as a Service

    Wow! As in the process of collecting the data and consolidating it? Would love to hear more and be a potential alpha tester if you’re ok with it.
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    Business Validation as a Service

    Fair point man, but having worked with early stage entrepreneurs for over 3 years now, it’s surprising how many of them don’t know how to do it properly or simply don’t do the research diligently. But thanks for your suggestion; I’ll have a think on it
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    DRIVE-BY Just launched website!!! (Wow, more t-shirts)

    Bad design Terrible product imagery (yellow font on a stock image isn't worth $20) and it's barely readable! Overall quality of products and website looks very amateurish Don't mean to rain on your parade, and I've never run an online clothing store... But I do know what I look for as a...
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    Business Validation as a Service

    Hey sorry for not seeing this earlier. And yes biophase, I think what you say has a lot of merit. These are industries with massive incumbents and a small research report is not going to allow them to launch a business. That being said, do you see value in a service that undertakes the initial...
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