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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have read the book, now time to act ...
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    Which are technological open-minded countries ?

    What about Spain with Canary Island Digital Innovation Hub (CIDIHub)
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    The Fastlane Roadmaps

    I am currently reading the "Fastlane" book and wonder about roadmaps. I think that sometimes, or probably most of the time, there is no pure "sidewalk", "slowlane" or "fastlane". In real life we have combinations of these, for example "sidewalk/slowlane" or "slowlane/fastlane". What is your...
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    INTRO I am lookong forward to learn, grow and taking actiom

    Hello all, I am new here - am reading the book and feel - I need to change a roadmap.I hope that analysing the book and participating in forum will help with this. I am looking forward to learning, growing and becoming active along this path.

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