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    Which skill to capitalize on?

    If you can manage to become the leader in this, there will be opportunity beyond marketplace fees. Advertising is one that comes to mind, both from big companies in the space but also boosted listings. Another thing is because there is established players in the parent niche (stockX/stadium...
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    Which skill to capitalize on?

    This sounds like the opportunity here - become the marketplace aka StockX for customs. Rather than trying to learn how to do customs yourself, create a platform you can point these people asking you for customs to, and let the creators get a better market/price for their side. If you...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it twice. Might be due for a third!
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    MEETUPS NYC Meetup Thread + Mastermind

    Yep, also working in the slowlane at that time =\
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    MEETUPS NYC Meetup Thread + Mastermind

    I'm interested too, let me know if there's still PM invites working. Thanks for organizing Mark!
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    WEB/DIGITAL App Idea Goldmine

    You're right - I can see that looking back now. Right now I'm pretty slowlane - 9 to 5 online marketing job, parasitic debt, blah blah....have been reading business/startup material for a while now but have not gotten leverage on myself to take action. Recently read TMF and definitely had some...
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    WEB/DIGITAL App Idea Goldmine

    I've been lurking the forums for a bit and thought this worthy of a first post: I came across this site that is basically a sounding board for unmet needs in the world of apps/internet businesses. Check it out: [Link removed by Runum Definitely helps get the needs thinking creative juice going...

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