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  1. SirVladimir

    Rate me like a paper sheet. [FEEDBACK]

    @Jesse Harris @alexkuzmov You both hit the nail about fundamentals. Trading and Speculating are parable. You may eliminate some risk by trading on volatility/probability, but I agree that institutions are the real deal. To be engaged in a Fastlane, one should really strive to create a leading...
  2. SirVladimir

    Rate me like a paper sheet. [FEEDBACK]

    @alexkuzmov Thank you, Alex. It is true that by trading alone, you're not providing any meaningful value to society whatsoever. Could you go more in depth on saying "market speculation is a scam?" Did you mean what I just described? Or that providing signals wouldn't be considered valuable from...
  3. SirVladimir

    Rate me like a paper sheet. [FEEDBACK]

    Today, I'll set the record straight about my situation. If you are serious about giving me a feedback, please read first my introduction thread here. There are lines about who I am, what my strengths are etc. While I have 1,5 years of high school left (IT and programming -- though I lost...
  4. SirVladimir

    INTRO Beep, beep - entering adulthood with the forum!

    I've been lurking around awhile. Greetings. My name is Vladimir, I'm from the Czech Republic and I recently turned 18. Let's get this show on the road. My story is full of asking questions others wouldn't ask. Why does it have to be that way? How can I? What if? My unique ability is to see the...

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