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  1. Seth Goodluck

    The Antiwork Movement, Lazy or Enlightened?

    My perception is similar. As with most online commentaries, it strikes me as a mixed bag. There are some people in there who understand the fact that a regular job 90% of the time will never make you wealthy. There are also legitimate commentaries on shitty bosses/managers who deserve their...
  2. Seth Goodluck

    Pre-Order: The 10th Anniversary Hardback Edition of The Millionaire Fastlane

    Good timing - I just gave my last copy to a friend. Order placed. Make sure you take a helicopter ride or something to celebrate
  3. Seth Goodluck

    How creative are you? Take this test and find out...

    Your score is 86.73, higher than 90.44% of the people who have completed this task Get on my level @MJ DeMarco!!!
  4. Seth Goodluck

    AMA - I built a software company worth 8 figures

    Congratulations. You’re welcome to PM me and I’m happy to connect you to some others who have kicked a$$ but are still climbing. If you haven’t yet, join YPO and EO (if you aren’t too old). Community of like minded people (like fast lane in some respects). Also go learn Transcendental...
  5. Seth Goodluck

    (Opportunity) Free Professional UX/UI Work for your project

    Hey, fastlaners -- tl;dr: Professional UX/UI designers to work on your project for up to 6-months, no cost, but some caveats (see thread) One of my contacts is the founder of a high-end UX/UI Bootcamp ( They turn out professional UX/UI designers over the course of an...
  6. Seth Goodluck

    What are the three best purchases you made in the last 3 years?

    Generally, what are 2-4 things you've bought hat have been well worth every penny? Excluding Fastlane books (because I know half or more of you would rightfully call that book one) Mine: Plugin Bidet (I got a tushy) You really don't know what you're missing out on and how gross it is to...
  7. Seth Goodluck

    what are 3 books that you have read multiple times that you plan to keep rereading in the future?

    I've been too busy to be on here lately, but I just couldn't resist a good book thread: Adjusting for "books that help you and filtering out miscellaneous books I just love" we have: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo Should I be fortunate enough to have kids some day, I will read them this book as...
  8. Seth Goodluck

    Have Smartphones Destroyed Humanity?

    Headsup: Contrarian Opinion I'm a full-on millennial here... (26 y.o.). I posted earlier... but I've got to say: I don't think Smartphones have destroyed my generation. If anything, they've enabled me far beyond anything possible in the past. The advance of Smartphones and "Social Media"...
  9. Seth Goodluck

    What habit changed your life?

    Reading & Audiobooks (daily) Writing & Reflecting (daily) Meditation (daily, 7+ times per week) Healthy Living (minimal alcohol/substance, good food in moderation, daily exercise) I'd say those things continue to help me succeed and were huge factors in all previous successes...
  10. Seth Goodluck

    What kind of mattress do you own?

    Bear Mattress. It's super comfy and allegedly good for recovering muscles. Definitely the best bed I've ever owned. Would I buy it again? Maybe... there are so many mattresses to choose from these days.
  11. Seth Goodluck

    Should I be worried about capitalism changing? Or am I overthinking it?

    I'm very liberal - and also very capitalist. They aren't at all mutually exclusive ;) (Though financially I'm probably more moderate) That being said, historically, capitalism and taxation and corporate structure and everything associated with the flow of financial and intellectual resources is...
  12. Seth Goodluck

    Do you think master degree in entrepreneurship is useless?

    Arguably, nothing is useless ;) John Wick killed men with a pencil. But is it necessary - probably not. Most entrepreneurs and folks here probably have a bit of business education at most in that direction. My "major" involved a lot of entrepreneurship courses...
  13. Seth Goodluck

    You're from where??

    You can add my name to the list too. Seattle, WA
  14. Seth Goodluck

    What Do Productive People Do?

    There are some comments on the subject but the gist goes something like this: As a human in the modern world you have thousands of things vying for your attention and energy. As an entrepreneur, you have a thousand times the things vying for your attention and energy. I can think of hundreds...
  15. Seth Goodluck

    What Do Productive People Do?

    May be worth a public google doc for people to edit/add to/etc

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