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    The Homeless Billionaire

    Reminds me of Howard Hughes- he lived in a hotel to avoid paying property tax :D
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    Success Story 6.0 Bull

    Part two? :wtf:
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    Marketing challenge.

    I can help you promote it the bodybuilding/fitness area- let me know and i could pull a few strings.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need web designer as partner!

    I might be able to help you.... please send me a PM.
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    OFF-TOPIC I just couldn't sleep...

    You want to do one for me now? :D
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    REAL ESTATE My first venture in real estate investing

    Congrats bro, big step! Are you still getting 0% percent down?? You must have a fairly good credit score- these days it seems rare to be able to get 0 down.
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    REAL ESTATE Resources

    Those links might work better for others but i cant find anything in my area. I just use local mls listings to start looking for properties- I also have 2 realtors that send me updates as often as i need them.
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    REAL ESTATE Next Beginner Call

    How about a poll? I think it be a bit easier to see what day works best for everyone.
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    REAL ESTATE My first venture in real estate investing

    What lender are you using for getting zero down? Good luck on getting the deal- keep us posted.
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    REAL ESTATE Beginner Conference Call - Recording (FREE)

    Ill try recording it tonight, not sure if it will work or not.
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    REAL ESTATE Property Analysis Spreadsheet

    Ill work of this layout and tweak it a bit- Thanks for posting :tiphat:
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    REAL ESTATE Property Analysis Spreadsheet

    Anybody want to share their spreadsheets? Im working on my own to replicate the steve berges form from the book. Ill post once its complete but if you have something for me to work off please post up. :)
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    REAL ESTATE Beginner Conference Call - Recording (FREE)

    Re: Beginner Conference call recording Thanks again for taking the time to answer all my questions- it definatly motivated me. Ivan
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    REAL ESTATE Beginner Conference Call

    Im in on this, you have a pm.

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