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  1. Sarge737

    INTRO Introducing myself

    It’s awesome to meet you. Make sure you read the amazing books. You will find that the support here is amazing.
  2. Sarge737


    Read it, read it some more and read it again. Listen to a chapter in the car everyday. Have been implementing things and things are starting to move. Excellent Book.
  3. Sarge737

    INTRO Getting Started... Again!

    I have been up and down this journey so many times and really never made it to the pinnacle of success that I desired. Get a little, then spend a lot. Although serving in the Army for 27 years you would think I would-be disciple. Well, discipline in taking the actions necessary to move the...
  4. Sarge737

    GOLD! From Flat-Broke to Financial Freedom: How to Get Started When You Have No Money

    Excellent video. Really clarify the process to the Fastlane
  5. Sarge737

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    This book was amazing it read my mail. The best part is the candid explanation of the Slowlane/Sidewalker and the Fastlane Thanks forever in my education of freedom

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