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    INTRO Can coaching be fastlane?

    Thank you - that is really useful information and now I understand the problem with the 'is this Fastlane?' question - it's missing the point. Perhaps a better question is 'how can I scale this?'.
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    INTRO Can coaching be fastlane?

    Hi Astr0 - this is an interesting point (I actually feel slightly relieved) and I wonder what you're reason is?
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    INTRO Can coaching be fastlane?

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking around a while and thought the time had come to introduce myself. I've read both Fastlane and Unscripted and took my time on both books to absorb the messages and mindset. I have done many different things, including being an artist, a landlord, a financial...
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    HOT TOPIC How I hacked my dopamine to train and reward desired work behaviors and halt procrastination

    All mammals have a PFC - it's reptiles that don't. I think octopi must have an equivalent but that's another story. For me, a big part of the ADD-style brain is that I don't quite decide what I'm going to do from one moment to next - I always give myself a little escape route. My solution is to...
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    Is forex trading a fastlane process?

    Also, one bad day, one mistake and you can blow up years of hard work. You need to be in top physical and mental condition every day and have to deal with the stress of missing trades, losing streaks and winning streaks and all these play havoc with your mental health. Just like the gold-rush...
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    Is forex trading a fastlane process?

    Couldn't agree more. Trading has a peculiar allure because it looks so easy and it exploits every one of our mental biases to convince us it's a viable career option. It's not. I worked with some great traders (as a student) and watched them make money day in, day out. I also met lots of my...
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    NOTABLE! Do you feel like giving up? Read this...

    With ADHD there is a lot you can do that doesn't include prescriptions. The main one is to find an activity that works for you. This condition has really been a problem for me in my work as an artist and as a technical writer/web developer. The prospect of a big slot of time and a big project is...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it - had the Kindle version thankfully so have easy reference to my notes.

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