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  1. rsmillion

    BOOK What book (besides TMF and Unscripted) was your game change ??

    This book might look it may not fit here, but it helped me immensely in setting my goals and expectations, reducing anxiety in the process and overall "how" to act.
  2. rsmillion

    HOT TOPIC Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    The list looks excellent except for the 1-gallon water per day. It is one of the dangerous things and you are putting your kidney under extreme stress/strain. Drink water only when you feel like or if your body wants. Don't drink it for the sake of drinking it! PS: I've solved this and many...
  3. rsmillion

    INTRO From Employee to Employer

    Update: As of today, my company has 34 employees. And I am partnering with another company in Europe and doing good! Thanks, TMF!
  4. rsmillion

    INTRO From Employee to Employer

    I had joined Fastlane forum a year back just after finishing the Millionaire Fastlane. It made a deep fundamental change in how I approach and why time is extremely valuable. I did not quit my job instantly, however, I did many "hard" preparations both financially, physically and mentally. I...
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    Yep. Done.
  6. rsmillion

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Done and dusted
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