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    Any Ecommerce or Dropshipping Out There?

    Thanks Biophase - i guess im not looking for products that are exclusively unique to my store, but products that wont be sold in every store, but point taken. Thanks Kid - I've thought about that, there's a lot more barriers to entry (creating a custom product) which is great to keep the...
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    Any Ecommerce or Dropshipping Out There?

    Hey everyone, I was just after some feedback from people in ecommerce who've had experience dropshipping. Background - I've been trying to build an online business for many years now, started in affiliate marketing for a few years with no luck. In 2017 i jumped into ecommerce using the whole...
  3. R

    High Paying Career Or Skillset?

    Thanks for your advice everyone, i truly appreciate it. Ive decided to go into Adwords as it's an area where ill develop some valuable skills, work regular 9-5 hours instead of exhausting shift work, and also its a job where ill be able to develop my network and surround myself with smart...
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    High Paying Career Or Skillset?

    Thanks profound - yeah i didn't want to make the question to detail heavy, just keeping it simple. But im 31, have no family or dependents, i do want to start a family before im 40 though and will need decent finances by then. Yeah, im currently building an eCommerce site.
  5. R

    High Paying Career Or Skillset?

    Hey everyone, Hope you're doing fine today - i've just got a situation in my life that i need a bit of clarity on and i'm hoping there might be some people here who can give me their thoughts. Im asking FLF specially cause most people here have an entrepreneurial mindset which i relate to and...
  6. R

    Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Thanks for such an awesome thread Biophase, truely lots of quality info here! Just a question for you if you dont mind as you've obviously had a heap of experience with ecom over many years. Im looking at setting up a store (shopify) in the toddler niche using locally sourced US dropshippers...
  7. R

    Dropshipping Within The USA

    Thanks JP, Do you mind sharing a bit more about your experience, you've hooked my interest. Did you end up actually dropshipping or just researched? What sort of product cost:product sale ratio were you getting? From my experience so far the shopify+aliexpress dropshipping has almost zero...
  8. R

    Dropshipping Within The USA

    Hey everyone, A question here for anyone who is dropshipping using local suppliers (aka not aliexpress). Im looking to start a dropshipping store using US suppliers, selling to US customers but running it from outside the US as a non US resident. Ive spent the last month researching all my...
  9. R

    Ecommerce Or Adwords Management?

    Hey everyone, Hope you're having a great day - I've just been researching eCommerce dropshiping (using local dropshippers, not aliexpress, for faster shipping and presentable packaging) for about a month now and am about ready to pull the trigger and get into it, however there's one niggling...
  10. R

    Ecommerce Profit Margins?

    Thanks Laughingman, that's a nice article and a really good website, lots of useful info, do you have any other quality websites or industry resources for ecom that you use?
  11. R

    Ecommerce Profit Margins?

    Thanks everyone for the awesome insight everyone, feeling much more reassured about ecom now :)
  12. R

    Ecommerce Profit Margins?

    Hey everyone, Hope you're all well and killing it today! I'm in the process of starting up an ecom store and came across a few articles today that paint a pretty depressing picture about the profit margins in ecommerce. See below. The Inconvenient Truth About E-Commerce: It's Largely...
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    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it!

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