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    Test a market with Instagram posts/ads

    Hi. I have a source of products that I think I can sell and I want to test the market. The products homemade but high quality. I would be shipping them in a small box/large envelope. I want to test the market by creating a quick landing page/web store and hopefully sending traffic there via...
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    WEB SCHOOL Finding the ideal ecommerce platform

    I looked into Click Funnels but they didn't offer the flexibility I want.
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    WEB SCHOOL Finding the ideal ecommerce platform

    Thanks for the replies and the advice on my money mindset. I'm working on it! I choose to go with Magento 2.2 installed on a Digital Ocean droplet. Digital Ocean starts at $5/mo for prototyping and I can easily upgrade to more powerful servers when I move to production.
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    WEB SCHOOL Finding the ideal ecommerce platform

    Hi. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm inspired just reading the forum categories when looking for where to post this. I'm working a standard 9-5 and determined to not be. Lots of web design and technology experience to trying to make money from that. My friend runs a small business and...
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