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  • I know, i don't spend a lot of time on message boards these days, i'm going to start hanging out more though. Glad to hear the apt is under control. I'm thinking about picking up a few more cheap sfh's in the urban core this summer, i'd like to chat with you about how your area is treating you.
    Hey Man - Just saw this message, i've been MIA for a while. I'll definitely try catching up with you at the B&P next year. Have you been in my area lately? Give me a hollar next time you are in town.
    Hey Mike,
    I didn't know if you've gotten it yet, this song's been beaten up in the Atlanta market but maybe you could pin it to a fighter. The band is Sick Puppies, titled "You're Going Down". I heard it again when we returned and haven't had the chance since AZ to get back with you. Thanks again for having Jessica and I over, we really enjoyed our weekend with you all.
    YouTube - You're Going Down - Sick Puppies
    Hope it works for you.
    Larry Goolsby
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