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    OFF-TOPIC Which style do guys like better? (Artist not me)

    Right pic is more appealing to the majority, but to be honest none of them. The left pic looks like some one took silhouette of a face and daubed on it. I cant see a whole lot of vision there. Reason for question?
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    OFF-TOPIC Whats the point of life?

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    O/T: HEALTH Smoking

    interesting in that tobacco can act as an monoamine oxidase inhibitor which effectively is an antidepressant activity.
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    O/T: HEALTH Smoking

    Vaping was my solution to giving up tobacco smoking, a 30 year addiction gone in a week, never imagined i would ever stop before that. Now I just chug away on diy unflavoured liquid. [no big clouds] I guess it looks and is kinda silly but I really enjoy the tactile nature of the practise , top...
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    VR Content will be the next multi-trillion dollar industry

    Plenty of examples of digital assets out there, just think games , second life, the crypto economy etc. Depends on how you define real life.
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    VR Content will be the next multi-trillion dollar industry

    a lightweight vr interface for modelling/sculpting software would be nice.
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    OFF-TOPIC Whats the point of life?

    “Question: What is Buddha? Answer: Three pounds of flax.” “Question: What is Buddha? Answer: Cat in box.” :smile2:
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    OFF-TOPIC Whats the point of life?

    I approve of the Cat Zen here.
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    RANT Watching a Trainwreck

    This you tube channel is interesting . Fit Recovery Some very good content the guy it belongs to had a very bad problem with drink and goes into plenty of depth about the subject. I realise the are plenty of channels out there but this one impressed. I wish your friend all the best of luck.
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    Meditation hasn't worked for me so far.

    I am sure plenty of people go through life never really observing their senses. Myself I am a sound enthusiast I especially enjoy digging into the soft micro textures of ambient 'silence'. No narrative every moment unique a sublime meditation.
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    What’s your Meaning of Life?

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
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    Bitcoin - litecoin

    There are quite a few stable coins about these days , not something fun to gamble with though. :zzz: But i get your point.
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    O/T: HEALTH Smoking vs Vaping

    You don't need satire to chuckle at vapers there are plenty of legit vids that are way more funny than that. Cloud chasing is like drag racing ,lots of power lots of air flow and huge fuel consumption bonkers , not my thing but hell people race lawnmowers so who am i to argue? :hilarious:
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    O/T: HEALTH Smoking vs Vaping

    To be honest I think the majority if this view is anecdotal based on comparing different nicotine containing products. In the uk gum patches etc are over the counter non prescription products which would suggest the prevailing view is then are in of themselves not addictive. I did a little...
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    O/T: HEALTH Smoking vs Vaping

    Nicotine on its own is not considered addictive. The type of nicotine in vape solutions rand patches etc is a different molecule to that realised in tobacco burning. There is also some evidence that monoamine oxidase inhibitors present in tobbaco products contributes to dependence when combined...

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