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Recent content by Private Witt

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  1. Private Witt

    EXECUTION Pacific Northwest cannabis industry media project attempt #2

    The veterans event went amazing. A few rappers showed up and a potential model hostess which is always awesome to see part of your team come to a non-related event. Something about showing up to events that accelerates the relationship process. All about effort and showing commitment to what...
  2. Private Witt

    Scaling adventure tour operator business to $1,000,000 net income per year

    Congrats on building a nice foundation to your business. Love to travel, hope to visit Georgia one day!
  3. Private Witt

    $2.18 Million in Income & $632,842 in Profit in 2019 My 1st Year in Business, with Lyme Disease AMA

    I like how you put as a chess game. I deal with a ton of people on deals and the more I add the more complicated the game gets, feel like that movie Inception with a ton of shitbricks at every corner.
  4. Private Witt

    EXECUTION Pacific Northwest cannabis industry media project attempt #2

    Still 6 weeks out to the show but things are looking incredibly positive. Have sold most of the VIP and reserved tables. I have a team so far of 20 and most are sharing the event all over Facebook and Instagram. Im going to bring on a few more hostesses. Right now at 10 rappers, one radio DJ as...
  5. Private Witt

    WEB SCHOOL This landing page is converting like crazy and here's why

    I do a lot of posters for music events and never even thought of this for a website, thanks for this insight may give it a whirl with a poster mindset as building a few new sites soon.
  6. Private Witt

    INTRO Hoping there's a FASTLANE here in Central America too!!

    Spent two years in Honduras and cant wait to get back down there one day to do some business. Went on a few amazing trips to Guatemala to Antigua and Panajachel.
  7. Private Witt

    Recreating this Forum

    I had a niche poker forum for a year and it had some interesting moments but a lot of work and in end gave it up. I'd say if committed and used as a funnel to your business with a great product or service could be worth while.
  8. Private Witt

    EXECUTION Pacific Northwest cannabis industry media project attempt #2

    This is exactly what I did. One month turned into 3, than six. I ended up launching a newspaper into the industry in November. I started a thread on that I need to update, but can summarize real quick. It totally dragged me down as I had massive interest in the beginning, cued the second edition...
  9. Private Witt

    INTRO Hey I'm David :) I improve lives

    Very cool, well done. I work on the media side and host cannabis events in Western Washington.
  10. Private Witt

    Hate Winter? Live in Spain With Pool, WiFi and Rooftop Terrace for €395/month

    Why go to Spain when I can pay 1800 a month for a small 1BR in Seattle and not see the sun for eternity. Okay, wait, Im coming to Spain.
  11. Private Witt

    INTRO Hey I'm David :) I improve lives

    What do you do in the cannabis industry?
  12. Private Witt

    2020 Project

    If it's something you are passionate about and a niche for it, you probably will do well as you seem to do good with what you do.
  13. Private Witt

    Thoughts on parallel entrepreneurship?

    Split attention has been my single biggest issue and have lost a lot of time to this practice, yet has yielded some gold in my journey, but remind myself all the time to stop splitting my time and resources to this nonsense.
  14. Private Witt

    Let's talk, Music Industry!

    Nice post. I've seen this holding cannabis events going from 20 to 100 to 200 to now a goal of 500. Started one contact at a time and still notice my social media and other growth is through on the ground grass roots one conversation at a time.
  15. Private Witt

    Let's talk, Music Industry!

    Interesting thread. I host both cannabis and music events. I ended up co-promoting a sold out Twista show last year and now addicted, but have gone through the ringer with the learning curve. My goal in 2020 is to hold a show every quarter of 500+ in Seattle. Right now going through the process...

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