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  1. pixieducks

    Pinterest deactivated my account

    Hello! I'm hoping someone has been through this and can advise me. The other day I couldn't log in to my Pinterest account, and it said I was suspended due to spam. I will admit I didn't do my research before on Pinterest and didn't know they were strict. I did include my website in each...
  2. pixieducks

    Help with email list and what to do next...

    A few more questions... 1. Is it better to do the double opt-in? 2. I was looking at changing to Aweber but is the paid version necessary at this point? 3. Any recommendations on someone to watch on YouTube that will go over email marketing for beginners? Thank you!
  3. pixieducks

    Help with email list and what to do next...

    Hello, so I have been working on my new blog, and I did add a subscriber box. I am using mailer lite only because I'm just starting, and I was working on my free ebook to give to people who subscribe. I haven't really checked it too much, and tonight when I went to update the form to include...
  4. pixieducks

    Advice on tea business - PL

    Thank you for your reply. I definitely don't want others thinking this is a cure because it really is meant to help with the condition's symptoms. I'll have to be careful to add that on the packaging, as you mentioned. I didn't think the name would be an issue as long as I put that...
  5. pixieducks

    Advice on tea business - PL

    I wanted to add that I am only dealing with US suppliers. I'm sure I can get better deals in China, but I worry about the quality.
  6. pixieducks

    Advice on tea business - PL

    Hello - I hope you can help me with some questions I have about starting a tea business. My blog is about a health condition that I have, and I want to create a tea blend specific to it. Tea is one thing that really helped, and I want to add some other ingredients that help as well. I found a...
  7. pixieducks

    Time to move on & close shop?CBD

    I think you should really focus on social media. That is the only reason I found CBD and hoped it would help my medical condition, which it did. The twitter account I followed wasn't even about CBD, but they mentioned an article. Had they included a company selling it, I probably would have...
  8. pixieducks

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read The Millionaire Fastlane and I appreciate it so much! I finally woke up and I'm ready to change my life!

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