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    10 Steps to Profitable Trading

    It's been a while (long time) since I posted (on any forum) but I have been reading from time to time. Anyway, I felt this post I wrote for my site was good enough to be pasted here: The secret to winning big in the market is not to be right all the time but to lose the least amount of money...
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    Attention Cramer Lovers

    Jscott, I will go along and agree with you becasue he does use the term "liquidity". The video does start with the caller's question. However, he uses the words "common stock" on a later clip but didn't use this the first time. We must also consider that he has been rating this stock as a buy...
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    Attention Cramer Lovers

    What is the explaination about the stock chart displayed on the screen while he is talking about the company. He does this when he analyzes the stock. Also, why did delete their buy rating from their website as recently as Sunday? This is what bothers me more than the Cramer...
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    Attention Cramer Lovers The taking down losing trades secretly???? Shame on them and Jim for trying to twist words!
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    Stock Trading Audio Interview

    My first audio interview from Trader Interviews if interested: Many other great traders have been interview by Tim - I highly recommend.
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    HOT TOPIC Visa IPO- Will we all be driving Lambos end of March?

    Neither VISA or MasterCard carry the loans or are responsible for the debt incurred by the card holders (they only own and run the networks). The banks are the ones that are on the short end of the stick, not these two companies. AMEX is completely different, they own the debt! See the...
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    Pinnacle, I track the movers (up or down) from a longer term perspective if they cross my screens. I am still 95% equities but expanding as I get older (and I hope wiser).
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    Interesting post. I like the metals long term but Platinum looks like it is starting a shorter term climax run that may correct by 10-20% or more. The long term multi year trend is not in jeopardy but I am getting red flags in my screens. I wrote about it earlier this week. A lot of people...
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    HOT TOPIC Time to Short Crox?

    Take a look - the gap completely filled eight months later. This adds to the theory from my 10 years of trading. Another gap successfully filled within the year. Also, the drop below the 50-day moving avergage was the beginning of the end for new highs. imirza - I am not picking on you...
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    Michael Masterson's (Early to Rise) 22 Predictions for 2008

    "Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict, don't have knowledge." - Lao Tzu That's I feel about the above and anyone who makes predictions!
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    Lessons from Super Bowl 42

    Emotional balance: sticking to your game plan! The example comes from the last drive by Eli and the Giants. The Giants never panicked during the playoffs. The same must apply for business and investing. Stick to the game plan and avoid poor emotional decisions when things get tough or when...
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    Lessons from Super Bowl 42

    Perfectville: YouTube - Perfectville: Population 1 Instant classic commercial - Go GIANTS baby!
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    Importance of Reading Psychology Books?

    Psychology books are very important in my opinion, especially since I trade. Two of the best (again in my opinion) are: Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas
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    HOT TOPIC Lambs being sent to the slaughterhouse

    I'll clarify for him: trading shares is a zero-sum game! Example: Two traders are looking at stock XYZ at $25. One trader buys 100 shares at $25 and the other sells 100 shares at $25. Zero Sum - One will win and one will lose on a very simple level.
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    HOT TOPIC Lambs being sent to the slaughterhouse

    Let’s straighten out a few misconceptions you have: First; trading is a risk/ reward business that can be and is profitable to the professionals that establish winning expectancies. It is also a loser’s game for gamblers that don’t understand expectancy (98-99% of all traders so you do have an...
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