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  1. nyc217

    GOLD! $126,727 in PROFIT So Far This Month | eCommerce

    Thank you so much for this story! Wow! Massive value!
  2. nyc217

    HOT TOPIC I quit my Job

    Congrats!!!! That must feel amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  3. nyc217

    WEB SCHOOL How is coding a fast lane venture?

    Totally agree. If it wasn't for me getting a job, in order to move out and be on my own, I would still be a "wantrepreneur". If I could go back in time, I'd get that job earlier instead of having that "jobs should be avoided like a plague mentality", because man, when you really go through it...
  4. nyc217

    NOTABLE! 22 Years Old: First Exit & Mini-Retirement. Lessons from a 5+ Year Journey

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing, this is an extremely inspirational post!
  5. nyc217

    Quick 15$ for the best idea!

    LOL. Good one.
  6. nyc217

    Quick 15$ for the best idea!

    Sourcing Moscow Mule Mugs on Alibaba and selling on Amazon Social Media Marketing Agency :) Quick tip: The forum members tend to get perturbed when they hear something like this. Besides, previous answers are on to something.
  7. nyc217

    Moving to a Cheaper Area to Pay Off debt

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. nyc217

    Moving to a Cheaper Area to Pay Off debt

    @Salama2017 , I am in the same predicament. Not sure how accurate the calculator below is, but I just used it to check out a couple cities I am interested in checking out. Cost of Living Calculator | NerdWallet - City and Salary Comparison Tool
  9. nyc217

    INTRO Late to the game

    Welcme to the forum and thanks for sharing your perspective-- highly valuable to the community.
  10. nyc217

    GOLD! Quit my job, living in the fastlane. (How I Set Myself Up To Quit)

    Wow! Awesome job and thank you for sharing. Point number 6 really resonated with me.
  11. nyc217

    INTRO My introduction

    Welcome! Keep us updated on your business' status. Excited to hear you succeed.
  12. nyc217

    Article: I retired at 34 with $3 million—here are 5 downsides of early retirement that no one tells you

    Nice article, I definitely understand the author's sentiment regarding meetings: LOL. Sick of the corporate meetings and all of its B.S.; they are a real life drain. BUT, I will be honest, it adds to my why.
  13. nyc217

    INTRO Software Developer want his freedom

    Welcome to forum, I am also a software dev with similar background. Glad to see a fellow comrade here. :) Look forward to seeing and hearing more about journey.
  14. nyc217

    NOTABLE! [Progress] Sanctus Nutrition - Supplement Company (and first real entrepreneurial pursuit)

    Similar to what other forum members on this thread, I just want to say thank you for having the courage to share your story. This thread has been extremely valuable to me in a variety of ways. It especially reinforces the process principle, the precursor to real lasting change, at least in my...
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