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  1. NickT41

    How Do You Invest for Your Children?

    I'm still en route to the fast lane, but I'm in the middle lane with my blinker on quitting the 9-5 in a year or two. I'm currently reading Unscripted and loving it. While my mindset has certainly changed over the last ~5 years, it's still tough for me to ignore the scripted advice on investing...
  2. NickT41

    Wholesale help

    Can you buy some shirts for retail or sale somewhere or on eBay? Once you've established your business, focus on increasing your margins by buying in bulk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NickT41

    The Don Lapre of "Doctors"

    I started selling supplements 4-5 months ago and ethics is what prevents me from feeling proud about my business success. I'm not a doctor, scientist, or pharmacist, but I'm pushing private label supplements. I've done research, but I don't know all the science, I haven't done the testing, I...
  4. NickT41

    My Success Story

    It's very commendable, but it's slowlane success. I was waiting for the part when you left your IT job and started making money for yourself, controlling your future. I'm not in the fastlane yet, so I don't have much room to talk - I am working towards it. This isn't financial freedom and it is...
  5. NickT41

    INTRO Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome! Also an Ohioan. Go Bearcats! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. NickT41

    Getting rid of my old ecommerce business + my new venture

    @Genium, Congrats! Do you already have a buyer? If not, how do you plan on selling? Are you planning to sell on Bizbuysell/Flippa/etc? Just curious as to how those transaction decisions are typically made. Care to tell us more about your new venture?
  7. NickT41

    HOT TOPIC Help me Pick a Name - Win $100, No, $200!
  8. NickT41

    HOT TOPIC Tim Sykes $5,000,000 Miami Mansion

    I've listened to him on Mixergy. He claims to have created a millionaire or two, but he actually makes something like 80% of his money from his membership site. He's a bit like Kiyosaki. And yes, a douche.
  9. NickT41

    Likwid, Shark Tank and Social Media/PR

    Confirmed. My mom calls me every time she encounters a PayPal only checkout. I have to buy it and she reimburses me.
  10. NickT41

    HOT TOPIC Ever wonder why some people get fat?

    Exactly. First Law of Thermodynamics. If you consume more calories than you expend, you get fat.
  11. NickT41

    BOOK CA$HVERTISING by Drew Eric Whitman

    I started with Ca$hvertising for a general knowledge of writing copy, now I'm starting the GH challenge. I feel like I know enough from Ca$hvertising to write poor to average copy, but I can take action before taking several months to master it.
  12. NickT41

    OFF-TOPIC Cigar smokers thread

    Come on @LeftBench. You've been a member for 8 months! Quit waiting for the idea to come along and just do something! I've been stuck in analysis paralysis, research forever mode, for years, waiting for a good idea to come along. What's holding you back?
  13. NickT41

    OFF-TOPIC Cigar smokers thread

    @LeftBench , have you been working on your fastlane opportunities? If so, how's it going? I'm a cigar-lover as well and often think about sitting on a beach, with a cigar and a drink. Have you thought about creating a fastlane opportunity based on your passion? Obviously, passion is not...
  14. NickT41

    INTRO New starter

    This. In fact, competition can be a good thing. If the original business is successful, then you know there's a market.
  15. NickT41

    HOT TOPIC (SEO Fastlane) Would this be helpful to you?

    SPaxton1 has written some valuable content so far, so I'll refrain from judging him. He's provided a lot more content than I. If he does turn out to be a flake, then at least we can all could learn from his damn-good copy.

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