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  1. MrStoic886

    HOT TOPIC Will the Wuhan Coronavirus kill us all?

    I can see it now... people dropshipping masks from Aliexpress to paranoid westerners, only to end up spreading the infection from the factory workers in China.
  2. MrStoic886

    HOT TOPIC Andy's Inbound/Sales Braindump

    Mostly emails, yes. I sent a couple messages on Upwork and Skype but not even a reply to those. Nearly all the emails I sent at least got a response though, even if they weren't interested in my services. Come to think of it, maybe I should try following up with the non-repliers some other way...
  3. MrStoic886

    HOT TOPIC Andy's Inbound/Sales Braindump

    Just got a lead through from the "When your back's against the wall..." method. Cheers Andy.
  4. MrStoic886

    EXECUTION Sink or Swim: 1 Month to Sign My First Agency Client

    No huge updates as of now. I'm currently making enough to survive though, thanks to my old client offering me some more interesting projects, as well as this new client I found through Upwork. Still looking to take on another one or two clients, but lately I've been too busy working and living...
  5. MrStoic886

    INTRO Hey Guys Im Zac

    Hey Zac we're Guys
  6. MrStoic886

    INTRO It's a pleasure to meet the next generation of entrepreneurs. Launching a Membership group, any tips?

    I've been targeting coaches lately. Currently working with coaches from a couple different niches. I was thinking life coaches before, but now I'm considering other niches. Here's my execution thread if you want to follow my progress: EXECUTION - Sink or Swim: 1 Month to Sign My First Agency...
  7. MrStoic886

    INTRO It's a pleasure to meet the next generation of entrepreneurs. Launching a Membership group, any tips?

    I've been freelancing for a couple years now, currently trying to transition into a scalable marketing agency. I "work from home", although I've been traveling nearly the whole time, so that's included working from cafes, hostels, hotels, coworking spaces, apartments, basically anywhere I can...
  8. MrStoic886

    IMPORTANT! Getting the MOST out of Fastlane (Required Read)

    Thanks MJ. I think everyone needs to see this and be able to find the GOLD threads, so bumping it up to the front page.
  9. MrStoic886

    Looking for ecommerce threads

    You might want to give this a read:
  10. MrStoic886

    Troubleshoot SEO / Conversion

    You really should be keeping a closer eye on this stuff man. The fastest route to burnout is lack of attribution. If you don't understand the root of your failures and successes, you'll never make consistent progress and you'll go insane with frustration and confusion! Anyway, those numbers...
  11. MrStoic886

    Troubleshoot SEO / Conversion

    So why exactly have your sales dropped off? You need to attribute these changes to specific parts of your funnel. It's clearly not due to website traffic, so what is it? Conversion rate from visitors to leads? Closing rates? Do you rely on other lead sources?
  12. MrStoic886

    Where to find business problems (B2B)?

    It's quite ironic really. You refuse to read either book because you wrongly assume they're just motivational or mindset books, yet your mindset is probably the biggest thing you need to change. If you weren't so scared/stubborn/lazy to take action on these suggestions from successful...
  13. MrStoic886

    Get Cashflow with Affiliate Marketing

    How do you judge what kind of affiliate offers are worth trying to sell? Or do you just test a lot? Do you just send traffic to the affiliate's site, or do you create your own funnel? What kind of commission % do you usually make? Why don't you buy the products in bulk or buy the rights to...
  14. MrStoic886

    How to create a team and how much pay them

    You could offer something like an apprenticeship. I'm not sure about the states, but they do these in the UK. The employee works at about half minimum wage or so, while being trained on the job. I did one of these myself at a marketing agency for a year and it was 100% worth it. I got mentored...

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