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  1. MrDoctor

    Great interview with PatrickP (Mike Plante)

    Awesome interview, thanks for posting! That interview was full of great information!
  2. MrDoctor

    Somebody says MJ Demarco is a fraud / scam

    While Mr. Youtube was sitting on his computer at home commenting on baseball videos, the players were the ones on the team, at the plate, and taking the swings. ;)
  3. MrDoctor

    How to protect yourself from potential investors stealing your business?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Sounds good!
  4. MrDoctor

    How to protect yourself from potential investors stealing your business?

    Hey all, So I am putting together my first business. Unfortunately I do need a couple of investors the help me start up initially, so I obviously need to explain to them my business to them. However, my business is a great idea. No one in the field does it and it will be a hit :icon_super: . I...
  5. MrDoctor

    HOT TOPIC Time to Short Crox?

    Yes, and the imitation's are better quality ! Why don't you just send your money this way :-). Think of economic elasticity here....
  6. MrDoctor

    HOT TOPIC Stock Picks - Post Your Favorites & Why

    To to check in with everyone...I have as of late shorted YHOO. Too complicated to explain, but invest at your own risk. It's a risky move, but I believe it will pay off.
  7. MrDoctor

    HOT TOPIC Motivational Quotes

    Love that one! "There are only two types of people in this world: you are either a somebody or nobody."
  8. MrDoctor

    Penny Stock [Success!]

    I've witnesses may small companies go from $0.10-$15.00. If you can spot the upcoming companies early, then you will have success, as long as they are making PROFIT and a product or service that people will buy/need/use.
  9. MrDoctor

    Penny Stock [Success!]

    Penny stocks ARE a gamble. It's near impossible to find out solid information about management and the company, without making a trip to the company, and meeting the management yourself. They can restrict much more information as compared to a stock on the AMEX, NYSE.
  10. MrDoctor

    Who is your online company of choice?

    Scottrade. $500 is too little, so just open a poker account, or bet on sports. Wait, so you want to take a risk on OTC stocks? PRVB Good luck. Buy this one at no more than 0.17-0.20
  11. MrDoctor

    Trading Stocks in Hong Kong

    Get on the phone, call some brokers, and see what they can go for you. Call Schwab and you might get lucky. There will always be a grace period for a new account in the US, but the best way to get into it now would be to find someone you trust who has the ability to trade on the Nikkei exchange...
  12. MrDoctor

    HOT TOPIC Time to Short Crox?

    Well, it looks as if they already did that :smx4:.
  13. MrDoctor

    HOT TOPIC Motivational Quotes

    "The gem cannot be polished without friction, not a man perfected without trials." "Any man who makes a beast of himself removes the pain of being a man."
  14. MrDoctor

    Fastlane Halloween Trend Project

    I think the Nintendo Wii is still going to be hot. I don't know why, but it will be. Nintendo DS/gameboy systems are always hard to find during the holiday season. Last year I practically bought out an entire Costco store! I made big money off of the Playstation 3 also. People amaze me. I sold...

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