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  1. Mike Ronin

    Reading books

    This. I began reading seriously about 45 years ago now (I'm old) and it is one of the best things I have ever done. It opens up an entirely new world. I am constantly reading at least one and often two books at once, as well as listening to quality podcasts when I'm in the car. I call it my...
  2. Mike Ronin

    HOT TOPIC Is a market crash coming? Or massive hyper-inflation?

    Likely a correction today, but I do think we will see a trend of the market going down long-term as long as the Biden admin is in office. They are about as anti-business as we have seen in many, many years. The long-term prognosis is likely down, but I hope I am wrong.
  3. Mike Ronin

    HOT TOPIC Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    Same for me. It was pretty scary initially and I was absorbing all the info I could from sources I trust, specifically Dr. Peter Attia who is a physician specializing in longevity. As a little time wore on, it became clear pretty quickly that an insidious, authoritarian and draconian society was...
  4. Mike Ronin

    GOLD! What Are the Dumbest Financial Decisions You Have Ever Made?

    Investing mid-six figures in several normally great performing mutual funds about 2 months before the September 11 terrorist attack in NYC, and then on top of that allowing the now ex-wife access to much of the remainder. Bad, bad, bad.....20 years later it still ticks me off, so I try not to...
  5. Mike Ronin

    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    The last guy who pumped my tank (and owned the company with several trucks) had a good reply to my question of "how do you like smelling shit all day"? He said he got used to it and didn't even notice the smell anymore, but when he did it smelled like money.
  6. Mike Ronin

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    You will LOVE The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, he is truly a very wise, modern-day philosopher. There is also a podcast (by Eric Jorgenson I believe) that goes over the book in bite-sized segments.
  7. Mike Ronin

    HOT TOPIC The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    I got a special offer on Blinkist a year or so ago for half off and I read a lot, so I thought why not? I was not impressed and found it wanting, and some of the books I had already read didn’t even resemble what was on Blinkist. I let it expire and quit using it.
  8. Mike Ronin

    HOT TOPIC The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    Ordered and started reading it today and I am hooked! Great job MJ, this is really a great book.
  9. Mike Ronin

    GOLD! Ever wonder how people end up in dead end jobs at 40?

    @Vigilante there is so much in your well-written post that exemplifies what the TMF and Unscripted lifestyle is all about. This should be required reading for everyone new.
  10. Mike Ronin

    INTRO Hello Again

    Thank you, I don't know either unless it had something to do with Tapatalk, which is all I used before the forum upgrade. I'm guessing that was it since it appears TFF isn't available on Tapatalk now.
  11. Mike Ronin

    IMPORTANT! Getting the MOST out of Fastlane (Required Read)

    Acknowledged and agreed (for the second time, previously here as Michael but somehow my account was deleted).
  12. Mike Ronin

    INTRO Hello Again

    I was previously registered here under "Michael", but my profile was apparently deleted. I've been here for years, just now under a different name. I tend to read a lot and post little, but look forward to the interactions. @MJ DeMarco
  13. Mike Ronin

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have read and reread TMF and Unscripted multiple times and they are awesome. I was previously registered under "Michael", but somehow my old account was deleted and I had to re-register for this new one.
  14. Mike Ronin


    My old account (Michael) was somehow deleted and I had to register for a new one. I read and reread Unscripted and The MIllionaire Fastlane several times each, both are awesome.
  15. Mike Ronin

    Somehow my old account was deleted and my email address didn't show up, though my old user name...

    Somehow my old account was deleted and my email address didn't show up, though my old user name still shows as taken. Anyway, I've created another account and was previously Michael, though I tend to read a lot and not post a lot. I read The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted years ago, and...
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