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    Books on investing?

    Learning to invest can also be important . If you know what you’re looking at and how much it will cost that can motivate you to reach that threshold. For example if I need $50k to build a well considered portfolio or buy a house, that’s a solid number to work towards. Given how broad the topic...
  2. Megalodon

    Is it true that more money doesn't buy happiness once you've hit a threshold?

    As someone who makes well over $75k in a similar situation to you... I’m not happy. I’ve had a tonne of different jobs across different industries but always found there was something lacking. Once the shine wore off I’d always want something more. For a certain type of person (plenty of them...
  3. Megalodon

    Does anyone write business plans?

    That’s the one! I got a lot out of your project plan. It’s a simple and clear way to lay things out. Better than any business plan I’ve seen and makes you really step out your process.
  4. Megalodon

    Books on investing?

    Without meaning to be facetious - have you read Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted? Unscripted has some solid investment advice towards the back end, and both have areas and types of books to stay away from. What kind of investment are you looking to do exactly? It’s a huge topic.
  5. Megalodon

    Does anyone write business plans?

    I generally do up a spreadsheet with timelines, dependencies, deadlines. From memory @Andy Black did a really good video on something similar a while back. And a budget sheet to track expenses and income - you need to know your numbers. Nothing as formal as a 25 page proposal or plan though...
  6. Megalodon

    Second Opinion on Business Niche - Computing Education

    I personally think you’ve got the right idea but are too narrowly focused. You’ve clearly got a passion for this as well as domain knowledge. Use it! Admittedly I don’t know much about the UK school system or market, but I know here in Australia we are crying out for technical skill sets. The...
  7. Megalodon

    TSLA Stock

    Yes, if I'd read his post properly (clearly not enough coffee on board! :rofl:) it does back a short position. To clarify, I still wouldn't. The same volatility also cuts the other way and it's too popular for my taste. Horses for courses however!
  8. Megalodon

    TSLA Stock

    Even if it does go higher - arguably it's over valued at present. A meteoric rise usually comes before a fall. I personally wouldn't invest in anything that volatile and/or tied to a single personality. All it would take is Elon to have a car crash or the SpaceX stuff to go poorly and watch...
  9. Megalodon


    I've read UNSCRIPTED! To be honest at first I struggled with it. Looking back I think it hit a little TOO close to home. But I persisted and I'm glad I did - even more so than MFL, this was a wake-up call I really needed. Thanks MJ.
  10. Megalodon

    [New project] Value first - Monetization second

    Hey all, So this post is both 'seeking feedback' on an idea through the lenses of your experiences and to put my project to paper in the hope that it helps others come up with a starting point. I have domain experience in cyber security and cybercrime through my job and after reading MFL and...
  11. Megalodon

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    This is exactly the concern, as Australia's largest two way trading partner, the amount of our GDP what is tied to their economy is staggering. It's a question for a macro-economist (I have basic knowledge and an interest, but it's been a long time since I studied it and certainly not an...
  12. Megalodon

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    It may not kill us - but I'm interested to see if there's a bigger economic impact (which may, in turn, kill us :playful:) As someone who lives in Australia our economy is hopelessly tied to Chinese business/tourism - our stock market dropped $36 billion on open yesterday morning.... The media...
  13. Megalodon

    INTRO Can you be a little bit slow and fastlane at the same time?

    Thanks! And completely see what you're saying - my thoughts were more around diversification however. With 2 properties carrying the bulk of my net worth/debt, I was looking for another asset class to offset a market crash. I'm luck enough to be Australian, so we have compulsory Superannuation...
  14. Megalodon

    INTRO Can you be a little bit slow and fastlane at the same time?

    Hi all, So I've just finished TMF and it's actually blown my mind. I'm going to have to take a few days and probably read it again to process to be honest. Personally, based on the roadmaps, I'm somewhere between the sidewalk and the slow lane. I got a job out of school selling luxury cars...
  15. Megalodon

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I just finished the book and all I can say is... wow. What a perspective shift! Keen to read Unscripted now and really drum it in (and then probably TMF again!)

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