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  1. Matto

    Hello i'm new in the forum

    Great to see you here. I'm 45 and let me say it: you are so lucky you found this at 16! As MJ says don't compare yourself to others but just against yourself to just improve you every day. And look, it's plenty of people with no grades that understand how value works and can have a lot of...
  2. Matto

    I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape!

    I'm already listening to it from Audible. Like it a lot, there are many of the principles from previous books (especially Unscripted) but the story is linking them together and giving practical examples for each one. And you know what MJ? Just after I started listening my wife said to me in a...
  3. Matto

    What Does "Value Skew" Mean?

    That's why I'm listening to the audio book for the .... 5th time I think, and I'm going to buy the printed version too. Different medium makes you learn and remember the concepts differently. The pdf is really really helpful (Thanks MJ!) and you can also find online some good diagrams made by...
  4. Matto

    (Radio interview) How to quickly get started in business

    Hi Nicoknowsbest, I love this comment! I also have to open my eyes and look at those very easy to pick up fruits already on the ground. In 42 years I always wanted to make things more difficult that what they are. Thanks a lot!!!
  5. Matto

    Starting over...

    Starting over...
  6. Matto

    Hi there, each action I take feels like I'm wasting my time and action faking

    I suggest you also another great book, suggested also on MJ's book list: The One Thing - Gary Keller
  7. Matto

    I'm Matto!

    Hi MJ, this is TERRIFIC! Since I joined your forum, starting reading "getting started" threads and suggested ones I feel completely different! And also now you are answering to my posts! That is really great. Just one thing I have to tall you and also others contributors here, I read the post...
  8. Matto

    I'm Matto!

    Hi Walter, your advice is sound for at least 2 reasons: 1 - We have more than 60% Income depending on Amazon (bad CONTROL decision, I discoverd it reading MJ's Unscripted book! ), yesterday, trying to reactivate one of our european marketplace a Rep on the phone (first level, those those that...
  9. Matto

    THIS is why you are STUCK.

    Great post and many replies are really interesting to understand the entrepreneur mentality. Thanks ATW!
  10. Matto

    Fastlane Insiders - Is it worth it?

    Going on account>upgrades I see under, purchased subscriptions, the 1 year insider subscription Cheers
  11. Matto


  12. Matto

    Fastlane Insiders - Is it worth it?

    Just clicked subscribe for the year option, I got to PayPal and paid. I received confirmation from PayPal at the moment and a message from the forum that I will be upgraded as soon as possible.
  13. Matto

    Fastlane Insiders - Is it worth it?

    Just did it! ahaha I had to take action, I would like that other kind of actions would be so easy at pay this. Maybe it's just a mindset, when you set to DO something and you force to STICK to it, you keep on with action. Cheers, see you on the INSIDE.
  14. Matto

    Fastlane Insiders - Is it worth it?

    I'm gonna get to the inside right now! In Italy are 3:40 am, read this post and had to take action. 120$ are really easy to save if you are willing to.
  15. Matto

    Its been one year of FLF for me. This forum will change your life and Ill prove it.

    Great post Envision! I'm 41 and started 8 years ago but still struggling. You are young, and very "lucky" you find be yourself the growth path. Keep on this track.

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