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  1. Matt Dassel

    HOT TOPIC How hard is it to actually find a good business idea?

    I have a different perspective on ideas. The more simple, and the more they look like a one-time-need, there is a chance that you will have the most amount of them. But for launching long-term businesses that can scale into millions is harder. I'm more convinced we're only getting there by...
  2. Matt Dassel

    HOT TOPIC At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    19 when I started was running after women. Then learned how to channel ambition into long term goals. But I think the real question is: How did you start to get educated? In school, you are educated as part of a generic group. You are assumed to be generic and reduced to a number. To have...
  3. Matt Dassel

    Looking for Connections in Asset Management

    It's great to meet you, Kevin. I hope you can succeed to. Please keep me updated on any changes on this environment. Because I worked alone for many years I have a very modest networking around this field. It's usually hard to find people to talk about these ideas. And when you find them, they...
  4. Matt Dassel

    Looking for Connections in Asset Management

    You are welcome! ─Matt
  5. Matt Dassel

    Looking for Connections in Asset Management

    Hi Kevin! Thanks for reaching out. Please tell me about your story if you don't mind. I am a very occasional forum user to be honest. To me, it is great to believe that a person like you could be found here and have this conversation concening this specific topic. 24 years old. Mechanical...
  6. Matt Dassel

    Looking for Connections in Asset Management

    Hi, I've been looking for a few key connections withing the asset management industry to start what I believe can be a promising business. But over the years I have spent all my time developing a working strategy and solving all the problems related to this business. I was alone for quite a...
  7. Matt Dassel

    GOLD! Is CENTS Destructive to Action?

    I just saw Instagram apparently removed their likes counter. Completely ruined most influencers' metric. Control commandment calling here.
  8. Matt Dassel

    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    I was actually looking for a solid argument but there isn't. It should be clear that waiting too long until you are 35 is just not living with enough ambition. But as you haven't defined what field of success you were referring to there isn't much to be said. Looking at your age and trying to...
  9. Matt Dassel

    Strategic Advice Required on How to Scale

    Perhaps nothing else is making me go nuts other than not being able to scale. I've lost some money on a few attempts. But the money I lost, to me, is nothing compared to the reflection that I am being subjected to. Seems like I am missing on an strategic piece in order to get profits that would...
  10. Matt Dassel

    MEETUPS Accredited Investors

    Sounds like it's a lot harder than I imagined. The best I could offer are the verified results. It's actually trading performance with long/short trades and these get into the same category for investors who invest in hedge funds. The SEC (regulator) has some rules for this. But I have never...
  11. Matt Dassel

    MEETUPS Accredited Investors

    Sorry for bumping this but I am looking for an investors group very badly. Do you have any of these groups to recommend me? It's an investment that I have to offer with daily liquidity (not year lock-up) and generating roughly 15% annualized with 4% down side risk per year.
  12. Matt Dassel

    NOTABLE! Billionaire Ray Dalio: Meditation is ‘the single most important reason' for my success

    There might be too much hype on mediation, I believe. I've come to notice that, in the mind, having laser piercing, sociopathic focus is a very similar experience to meditation when you feel your own breath. Which is the focus you want to crush it. But also more likely, is that, Ray Dalio...
  13. Matt Dassel

    Facebook Down!

    I'm glad you are actually talking about marketing and opportunities rather than just the typical facebook scrolling habit. I was surprised to see how this was perceived by all of you who commented before.
  14. Matt Dassel

    NOTABLE! Growing your Instagram account, strategy and discussion

    Hey, I have little experience with social media. I would like to hear an elaboration on this idea. Is it really that bad? If you think about it, facebook itself is just a machine that people expect to use, just as any other media. I never felt like they had so much power though. It's more like...
  15. Matt Dassel

    NOTABLE! Growing your Instagram account, strategy and discussion

    Hey, is that the algorithm of instagram that classifies your page as actively engaged? Or is it just you calling it engaged by your definition?

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