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  1. mathnkrayon

    GOLD! Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)

    The truth is it doesn't really matter what will you choose. Programing copywriting or whatever it may be. As long as your execution is perfect then, success is inevitable. The only limiting factor is TIME. Time will differentiate the two.
  2. mathnkrayon

    HOT TOPIC Work is for Slowlaners

    Work is used to get money. Money is used to get more money. More money is used to get a massive amount of money.
  3. mathnkrayon

    Continue or restart?

    It's hard to make a business successful but it's even harder if you don't love it. If your business complies the CENTS you have to think twice before quitting. WADM might help you. Since eventually, you will decide. You have to decide now because TIME is passing. Remember, there is no perfect...
  4. mathnkrayon

    WEB/DIGITAL Future Online Business Opportunities

    It's look like you are trying to ask us what will be the next winning combination in lottery.
  5. mathnkrayon

    OFF-TOPIC Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    It's remarkable When two athletes suddenly become actors in a brilliantly marketed show to amass millions. SCRIPTED
  6. mathnkrayon

    guys I need your help

    Try WADM, it may give you the best answer.
  7. mathnkrayon

    BOOK The best book I ever read was..

    Our judgment to brand a book as a "best read ever" is relative to the books that we previously read. What may be best for others may average/worst for you or what may be best for you is just average/worst for others. If you are looking for a book suggestion after reading TMFL and Unscripted...
  8. mathnkrayon

    GOLD! Four Years of The Fastlane Forum

    I was fueled with your post, thanks man! I gotta work harder now
  9. mathnkrayon

    Should I go to college? An answer from a Berkeley professor.

    College education is an easy route to acquire proper living and be able to pay the bills. As long as you have the money to use for education. It is time dependent, therefore you know exactly when will you get its benefits . As long as you pass all the required subjects. Whereas, learning...
  10. mathnkrayon

    Help: Should I give up?

    Thanks for all your post. I admit it, I'm sorry. I should be ashamed of myself. It is TIME that I am afraid of. I'm afraid of seeing time pass by, seeing my parents grow old, while I'm here, doing my best but still stuck and failing. I know Entrepreneurship needs enormous hardwork and I'm ok...
  11. mathnkrayon

    Help: Should I give up?

    Read it 3x and saved it in evernote to remind me of someone is not giving up. I was shocked and still contemplating about it.
  12. mathnkrayon

    Help: Should I give up?

    Its been two months since my TMFL encounter. At first I was filled with excitement and passion. I felt like I can make it, that I will be able to provide value then I can be a Millionaire. My idea is to create an awesome android app that will acquire gazillion of downloads . Yes, android app...
  13. mathnkrayon

    A free app for Gardeners and Plant lovers

    "Once the entrepreneur discovers the room is empty, the idea is devalued based on the rationale, “Oh, there isn’t a market for it” or “There mustn’t be any money in this industry.” The empty-room myth is how blockbuster ideas get dismissed." -copied from the UNSCRIPTED
  14. mathnkrayon

    WEB/DIGITAL NEW Mobile App Feedback: IDKWTD

    Hi I am also creating my first android app, I'm happy to see other people doing the same thing, It inspires me to finish my app,, hope to learn more in your thread, pls keep posting updates, tnx..
  15. mathnkrayon

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Ok I admit...blame me... I read it out of curiosity.., now I'm working 8am-12am. No, it didn't gave me the motivation to worked hard but it change my mindset then it changed me
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