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    Big Life/Financial Decision, What Would You do?

    It's great you are thinking of owning real estate. Don't let some discourage that due to a lack of money. Many have started with much less than you have. Spend some time on biggerpockets and read, listen to podcasts, etc. There are a lot of creative ideas. Specifically, look into house...
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    HOT TOPIC Freelancer making $140K/yr, how to double or triple?

    Yeah, I was going to suggest MMA fighting on the weekends, since he appeared to have a lot of pent up anger issues.
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    Local Service Businesses - How to Get More Customers

    It's hard, that's for sure. I struggled a lot with mine, but I wound up selling the was easier to grow an ecommerce business to over $2M in sales than a local service business to $200k. First, know your market and potential. That's key. Expansion on local service businesses...
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    Spending 100k on townhouse, good or bad?

    This is confusing to me....$80k profit, you feel you are throwing it away, but you saved $140K? Then you can't possibly be throwing it away. I'd say well done to be able to save. But I'm questioning the math there. I'd love to throw away money to the tune of 6 figure savings. :) Also, 33%...
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    FAILURE I failed miserably but I'm enjoying it

    Personally, I just take the scoop out of the first container purchased and save it. When I open the next, I just use that scoop until I uncover the the concept of selling to the manufacturer is key. Come up with an idea, and prototype and hustle and network all you can. Once...
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    RANT Should I be paying this much in taxes?!?

    Your benefits look really low. If you're a w-2, hit that 401k hard. Avoid the income and lower your tax rate. And have a side business. Depreciation is your friend. If you don't have a side business, go buy a house and rent it out. Now you have one.
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    Just maxed out personal credit card on business expenses

    Agree with those that comment to stay/get employed and do this as a side hustle. I did that on an ecommerce business, and worked the day job till I hit $250k in revenue, then left the day job. You are doing great if you own your own home, kudos to you there. The suggestions to bank roll the...

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