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Marc B.
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  • There's someone named Marc B. on TeeSpring who was interviewed because he made $80K in a few months, more or less. I thought maybe you were him.
    Marc B.
    Marc B.'s just coincidence. Thank you for sharing though! I'm checking out his story right now.
    I helped a customer achieve a Christmas victory by expediting a last-minute gift. Not common practice, but worth it for her.
    December was nice, with Christmas shoppers sapping half of my inventory. Couldn't ask for a better result than that.
    First sale last night at 10:52pm to a total stranger. I can't thank everyone who helped me enough for the advice and support!
    Amazon approved application to sell in a restricted category. Took less than 12 hours. Posted a listing for my item the next day.
    Been awhile since last update. LLC Approved. Opened a bank account, created a website, launched it. Selling on eBay as well.
    A good takeaway from today: When someone offers to help you, make sure that you pay it forward. It's an invaluable habit to get into.
    Moving forward, taking product photos today thanks to a little help from my friends. :)
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