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    A Marketing Must: How to Get More Eyeballs to Buy Your Stuff...

    Well I'd like to add that good story telling still required nowadays, because so much content on the internet right now. If consumer have problem to solve he is gonna read even boring text, if not - he is gonna skim though, skip it fully or will be very skeptical.
  2. M

    Life's Most Bitter Truth: What Your University Won't Teach You...

    Good reminder, always perceived frugality as to avoid overspending and debt but without denying myself all the pleasures;)
  3. M

    A Marketing Must: How to Get More Eyeballs to Buy Your Stuff...

    Solution is old, produce instead of consuming. Thanks for thread and advice, will use it soon, because some of my clients lost interest in a story and don't want to cooperate anymore, avoiding my messages, guess was info dumping instead of presenting info in a interesting and compelling way to...
  4. M

    Can this thread save your life, and perhaps countless others? Yes.

    Interesting story, I don't think it's a choice problem though, because what right choice can be when you are drunk? It's simply bad discipline, normal reasonable person will avoid driving in this condition, gave keys to sober person or hide it. This summer my friend got into a car crash after...
  5. M

    Influence: The Pyschology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

    Very old book, scientific writing and aim for clueless people who've been taken advantage of, so I think it's better books out there for sure:) I think price makes it stand out, when you are looking at products with same price it's hard to choose, on other hand when price higher it's grabs...
  6. M

    Help! How do I sell my SaaS application to HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Maid Service, Yard Care, etc., Companies?

    I think problem with sales and offer cause he thinks like developer and develops for company not for market, company have understanding that they need it, other people and companies don't, hope it helps
  7. M

    Humble Hustle & adding value via Web Business - Progress thread

    You should get more clients to decrease risk(if things don't work out with one of them) and outsource something to focus more on sales and nurturing good paying clients
  8. M

    How to learn Branding?

    Found another quote about brand and purpose. "Amazon’s success is not due to the millions of products, the online experience, prime membership, or low prices. The root cause of Amazon’s success is its obsession with customers(customer experience). Amazon’s mission is to be Earth’s most...
  9. M

    How to learn Branding?

    Branding is fascinating topic! Learning and creating brand right now. I'm no expert on subject so I post quote from a book called "Build a brand in 30 days" "Brand is serious and important to your business: but it’s also very simple in its essence. Brand is about meaning. In short - your...
  10. M

    BRO-MARKETING! (Great Copy Selling Crap Products)

    It's tricky because marketing based on what helps to survive, for some people it's huge value in this product/service, for others ones it's nothing, they can't see it, they have this knowledge already or better product at hand. You can actually get it when reading reviews, it's about...
  11. M

    Asymmetric Returns - How to Get Them

    I assume you meant big ROI in the book, it can be linked to Paretto principle too. 20% effort gets 80% return, work smart etc Culture taught us to get profession and idea based on fixed income formula, and to be honest most people are too selfish to build something valuable for others. After...
  12. M

    I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape!

    Yesterday finished GRRE - started with ebook and than switched to audiobook New book is showing how principles/strategies applied to life situation, about right timing and as a result you'll get more clarity and understanding of well known and new concepts. Other two books showed the way and...
  13. M

    The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    Why not? Many rat racers too lazy to read a book or don't have time for it. You can encourage people to take action and change life this way too. Even though you kinda promoting live in grand style, not sure it's for everyone, just curious to try it:) By the way love the new book, got what I...
  14. M

    Sales = Magic Pill to Entrepreneurship?

    I think with great product advertising can be enough because it's just about presenting product to right customer who needs it.
  15. M

    Self Employment SUCKS

    There is a book on this topic, called Systemology, it's simple and on point, please check it out!

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