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  1. Lucifer911

    Meal Delivery Service for Bodybuilders

    we have one of these businesses in Australia - it is quite successful but personally the price could be lower...
  2. Lucifer911

    PUBLISHING Can a negative google search impact your sales on your book?

    I am in Australia.. I am not out of luck as I do recall a business which specialised in fixing negative reputations on google! :) though living in the EU would have been easier...
  3. Lucifer911

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    purchased through amazon - read the book.
  4. Lucifer911

    PUBLISHING Can a negative google search impact your sales on your book?

    A few years ago I was involved in MLM and another network marketer decided to attack me personally over a internet forum about the marketing tactic I used. So now when my name is googled these 3 articles appear near the top of the search engine. I have tried to contact the admin of the...
  5. Lucifer911

    Sometimes I’m afraid to be rich

    don't flaunt wealth when you are in their company - money is a sensitive issue for most people. Most lazy people consider wealthy people as lucky people - they never see the process of adversity in building a business. MJ explains this people are too focussed on events (striking rich lottery...
  6. Lucifer911

    INTRO Hello from Australia

    Hi Hanalore, I have read TMF and enjoy the book thoroughly. I mentioned MLM not because I live in the past but to give you a background of what I have done to create passive income and failed in the process. I probably wouldn't have discovered this website if I didn't engage in MLM and I wanted...
  7. Lucifer911

    INTRO Hello from Australia

    Hi guys, My name is Ryan from Australia. I have ended up here hoping to find answers to problems I have not solved. I had a background in network marketing (MLM) and my tactics involved spending way too much in advertising fees to get leads. I am a fairly introverted guy so I did rely on...
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