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  • Staring out freelancing to gain experience and then will eventually create my own website to sell my services on. I'm starting out on a Freelancing website and also building a portfolio website for it while also working a full-time job. I don't care how much time and effort I have to put into it. I'm done working a full-time job and I'm fully into this now. I'm not giving up and never will. Mission is a go!
    Finally back. I've been working on my website career. I got the basics down on what I need technical wise. Now I'm moving forward with my next steps which is the freelance/buisness part. That's the hard part and getting clients. Also I got married! Life is better and brighter as well. :D Just gotta setup a plan for my first few clients after I create my own website for my services and start pulling in that $$$.
    So it's been a while but now I'm back. Just got married and still pursuing. It's going yo be a while before I roll the dough in. :)
    Beginnier entrepreneur. I will pursue my dream of financial freedom. I just need to need to know where to start.
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