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Recent content by levijean

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  1. levijean

    Google Search vs Display Ads metrics

    What bidding method do you prefer? I have it set to maximize conversions, but I dont have any conversions yet.
  2. levijean

    Google Search vs Display Ads metrics

    How much is your cost per conversion for search ads?
  3. levijean

    Google Search vs Display Ads metrics

    I have been running a successful google search PPC campaign for my business for many years. Recently I have been experimenting with Google display ads to try to extend my reach (in addition to remarketing ads). Does anyone have any insight as to what sort of conversion rate & cost to expect in...
  4. levijean

    O/T: HEALTH My 11 year old was diagnosed with autism yesterday

    I appreciate these comments, please keep them coming...
  5. levijean

    O/T: HEALTH My 11 year old was diagnosed with autism yesterday

    My 5th grader has been having difficulties at school over the past few months and after countless visits with psychologists, counselors, school staff, etc she was finally diagnosed with autism by a child psychiatrist. I'm surprised it took as long as it did but now with the label some odd...
  6. levijean

    Land Rover Defender

    You have a market for RHD jeep wranglers over there? They are former mail delivery vehicles but no one wants RHD here. I could send those containers back over full of RHD jeeps.
  7. levijean

    Land Rover Defender

    Heres a bunch of sales, the mark up may not be as large as you think.
  8. levijean

    Land Rover Defender

    What is the cost to get them over here? I'm located in the middle of the USA, could send them off to NY, LA, FL, TX...
  9. levijean

    Land Rover Defender

    Are you talking LR Defenders only? They are the models that sell for a fortune for some reason. Old range rovers, discoverys, etc arent worth anything.
  10. levijean

    OFF-TOPIC [Car enthusiasts] What is your car, what are the mods you've done to it ?

    2014 E63 AMG S 575HP I traded in my porsche turbo (profile pic) and 335i for it this summer to free up some garage space.
  11. levijean

    GOLD! From 0 To $240,000 Per Year PROFIT In 18 Months

    @richardd I have excess liquidity at the moment and would be interested to look at a proposal.
  12. levijean

    OFF-TOPIC The son of a billionaire knocked on my door yesterday

    Sam Steyer asked me to vote for his dad Tom Steyer for president. I should have invited him to come in and sit down and chat. But he caught me off guard and I simply took a pamphlet and said thanks.
  13. levijean

    everyone is buying FB Ads - is no one buying IG Ads?

    Looking at my ad stats for a Facebook retargeting campaign, Facebook has had 3.4x the reach and 21x the clicks vs. Instagram.
  14. levijean

    Anatomy of a 100% IRR real estate deal from cradle to grave

    The following is a breakdown of a real estate deal I recently completed. House was bought in 2017 for $55,000 for cash. It was in pretty decent shape at that time, we spent about $6,000 to get it ready for first occupancy for pretty much just new interior paint & carpet. This was a good buy...
  15. levijean

    Negative interest mortgage

    The central bank must be charging higher negative rates otherwise i have no idea why any lender would do this.

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