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    Reaching 1 000 000 sales and breaking CENTS. Mistakes, thoughts, dilemmas..

    GSM business Over the whole June i was adding new products to my marketplace store and from 300 units i am close to 1000 right now. I see the effect as below. It give me some motivation points because i see the real effect. Now i will duplicate them into my Shopify store. May - Jun -...
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    HOT TOPIC The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    Ahhh english version paper book challange? I feel a bit uncomfortable with that but as you said we should to things which makes us uncomfortable.
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    GOLD! From Flat-Broke to Financial Freedom: How to Get Started When You Have No Money

    I like your animated video style. As always execution is the hardest part!
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    Family business dilemma

    They have already moved.. I watched a documentary movie about China, they have already some factories in Ethiopia and also some rights to the lands which were gotten in tricky way.. That looks pretty true. It looks similar like in UNSCRIPTED when MJ wrote about his friend and searching for best...
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    INTRO First Post - Shifting from 9 to 5....Would love advice on my public speaking path!

    Waiting for your record on YT! There is a lot of time until September, if you offer any own services it is a good idea to update it, add more value, make your website better looking. After the TEDx speech people will google you. If they find your social profile/website etc. there is more chance...
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    HOT TOPIC The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    So jealous! I think i need to wait for translation into my origin language. I am not good enough to read a book in english i think..
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    INTRO Is Selling on Amazon worth it?

    That sounds wise! I cross my fingers for you. I did the same mistake it is good to experience that and realise which path is better, where you have control and you are adding a chasing a value. Do you have plan to start with your brand on Amazon?
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    INTRO Is Selling on Amazon worth it?

    True story! That is very important to divide your store income. Unfortunately marketplaces are very addicting for sellers caused the response from customer (first order) could be very fast. Creating your own store demand lot of knowledge, time but i think it is worth it to avoid this stress...
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    INTRO Is Selling on Amazon worth it?

    That sounds smart i think it is a good idea. Yes FB or Google Ads + email marketing is another doze of knowledge but i think it is worth it. Still i feel much more experienced in Amazon that above but i think this is an urgent knowledge if you want to develop in way you said. Don't you think...
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    Which path would you choose?

    That is a pleasure, waiting for any further update from your side! @jjohns500 thanks, you have motivated me to share my story too:
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    INTRO Is Selling on Amazon worth it?

    It is a bit negative but it is so true, as it said here in my country "Better a lie that heals than a truth that wounds" I have experienced same issues as you mentioned and that is frustrating. Lack of CONTROL for me is the most. I remember when we receive first rating it was 0/5 because...
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    Reaching 1 000 000 sales and breaking CENTS. Mistakes, thoughts, dilemmas..

    Hi, Before i begin i think i need to share my story, i will try to do it as short as i can. PART 1 2012 - i start my 4 years technical studies 2013 - i start my first serious job, my bro give me a chance to join his CAD team whose prepare building management system that was pretty awesome to...
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    how to choose a idea and evaluate it !!

    It helped me a lot because i see the real value/rank of my idea! The only requirements you need to pass is to be honest when you answer the questions.
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    Which path would you choose?

    Yes i know what you are talking about. I think it is not an easy choice, always! I experience same feeling now and i think i will share my story soon. This kind of discussion could be helpful. Maybe you should look from another side? Don't look at the outcome but look how can you resolve any...
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    INTRO Who in this forum is succeeding from 0 in Italy?

    Like it! I am learning an Italian right now i love this language and this quote is so good i save it in my notebook. Someday i want to experience and live here. Amalfi e bellissima! I think it is very hard for young people not to make "bigger step than a leg" i also fight with that thinking...
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