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    HOT TOPIC The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

    Hey, this already exists since years in Germany. In the meanwhile all major banks are offering complete digitalised bank switching service including all your mentioned points.
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    EXECUTION Throwing my backpack over the fence. My AMZ FBA/Private Label Progress Thread.

    Awesome thread, thanks for sharing. Don't compare prices at etsy/ebay with amazon. You can price it higher at amazon and customers will order it, seen that often enough, done it myself. First place to look for something is always amazon. Keep going and don't jump on another product yet.
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    INTRO IT wantrepeneur with 46

    @Spikeroo thanks a lot, great idea. I´ll do some research on whats already out there and how i could create something that is unique and / or better than the existing products.
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    INTRO IT wantrepeneur with 46

    oh, that explains a lot. The truth he speaks.....
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    INTRO IT wantrepeneur with 46

    Thanks! And as everyone before me, i believe i will make totally different, better decisions! No really, i will! ;-)
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    INTRO IT wantrepeneur with 46

    Hi all, i am the new guy, 46 years young, sick of being employed and taking wrong orders from my bosses. So i want to start to be a business owner myself. I got 20 Years of IT experience, specialised in application lifecycle management, change management, negotiation, coordination and project...

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