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  1. K

    Are there any AliExpress services that would take care of watch branding? (Logo, box etc.)

    Hi fellas, I'm a big watch enthusiast, have my own web design business but I'd like to wet my beak in my own eCommerce business so I can use this experience when I'm helping my clients and their eCommerce stores. The most obvious niche for me to start would be watches. I know what styles are...
  2. K

    How to find that inner passion again after you get a bit too comfortable?

    Oh great, thank you for such an in-depth response. Will definitely check it out.
  3. K

    How to find that inner passion again after you get a bit too comfortable?

    Hi guys, I'm 23, coming from Europe and currently making about 6x the national average salary with web design services. Life has been good, business is also good and I think I started getting a bit too comfortable. I don't find that same energy for prospecting, cold calls, meetings and closing...
  4. K

    To the people who use Wix, Shopify, or Wordpress...

    It's funny how many programmers circle jerk over WordPress vs. custom built websites. WordPress or any other CMS as a base for your project can be amazing tool for both you and the client. You can leverage the readiness of various plugins so you can bring the solution to the client quicker and...
  5. K

    2022: Join The Fox Web School "Legends Program"

    Hi Fox, following you for a while now and your content is amazing! I was wondering, where can we see your own projects for the clients? I cannot find your portfolio and would really like to see an example of the projects you have done for the clients. Thanks!
  6. K

    Online website builders alternative!

    Divi is a trash bin on fire, rolling down the highway compared to Elementor. If OP wants to use page builders, definitely pick either Oxygen or Elementor, Oxygen is more developer oriented and Elementor can be really powerful with the combination of Crocoblock. All Divi sites I got my hand on...

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