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  1. JustPawel

    EXECUTION My Journey From 0 to $2k / month Profit - AGAIN

    This week wasn't as productive as it was meant to be, however, I still made some progresss. First of all, I started to work on the product. I briefly planned the entire project and worked on some fundamental elements that are needed to continue development. I spent quite a lot of time...
  2. JustPawel

    EXECUTION 4 months left - all or nothing

    Good luck mate! I'm gonna follow the journey for sure.
  3. JustPawel

    EXECUTION My Journey From 0 to $2k / month Profit - AGAIN

    Hey, It's been almost a week and some updates came up. First of all, I've got a job. :) It's not the coolest job ever, but definitely, something that gives decent money and has potential for much more in the future(IT). It's also remote which should give some more space and time for my own...
  4. JustPawel

    EXECUTION My Journey From 0 to $2k / month Profit - AGAIN

    Hey guys! I joined the Fastlane forum about 3-4 years ago. Quickly left this place, but rediscovered it again recently. This is another attempt of mine to build a business that can support me long term. I feel pretty shitty, to be honest with you. These years were a rollercoaster for me. I...
  5. JustPawel

    EXECUTION Conquered Freelancing, Let's See How I Do Scaling an Agency

    Hey man, I'm following your thread for some time. Really enjoying the process. I do videos for different business purposes on a daily basis. I'm not sure if I'll be able to help you, but we can always have a quick chat on PM. Good luck with your efforts!
  6. JustPawel

    EXECUTION Building a brand.

    Happy to hear that you're doing progress and didn't give up. Things need time, today it's 3k, but in a few months, it might be 20k. I feel like patience is often crucial and needs to go hand in hand with actions. Good luck!
  7. JustPawel

    EXECUTION Building a brand.

    What's the progress woken? I've just finished reading your updates and I am pretty curious if you managed to push forward mentally and in business.
  8. JustPawel

    EXECUTION Building Video / Animation Studio From 0.

    Hey guys, time to start EXECUTION thread... I got quite inspired thanks to the Chapas's topic - From 0 to Freedom in 3 Months. Thanks mate! [SHORT INTRO] Last days were quite hard for me what results in a lose of focus... I got up late today and literally had a panic attack about what should...
  9. JustPawel

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read it!
  10. JustPawel

    INTRO Hello from Poland everyone!

    Hey guys, my name is Pawel, I come from Poland. I read The Millionaire Fastlane and registered to the forum more than a year ago already, but I decided to introduce and write something about me and my current actions just today. I'm 25. Since I remember I've never worked properly. I've been a...
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