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James Fend
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Apr 22, 2019 at 7:40 PM
May 4, 2009
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December 4
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Las Vegas, NV
Founder of Helpify & Feedbackz

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James Fend

Gold Contributor, Male, from Las Vegas, NV

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James Fend was last seen:
Apr 22, 2019 at 7:40 PM
    1. vitality11
      [QUOTE="James Fend, post: 653229, member: 2302"]Sounds like a good idea.. somewhere where I can leave my profanity when I buy in at the very tail end of a run!

      Done! Fastlane Crypto on Slack.. Anybody interested - the Invite link: Create Account | Slack[/QUOTE]

      Hi James,

      This link was not working for me when I clicked on it. Could you send another invite link if it is still live.
      1. Ben Ma
        Ben Ma
        Hello. May I join this group too?
        Jan 21, 2018
    2. Trud09
      Hi James,

      I had a business idea that involves someone with your crypto trading abilities. We have an opportunity to make a mountain of money together doing what you are already doing.

      Message me on here for a fast reply.
    3. Tom.V
      Hey James, tried to send you a message but it didn't happen. Got a skype handle? We're doing very similar things in trading and have similar goals, it's a no brainer to discuss. Thanks!
      1. James Fend
        James Fend
        Hey, want to join in on our Slack channel for Insiders?
        Dec 26, 2017
        Tom.V likes this.
      2. Tom.V
        I'm down.
        Dec 27, 2017
    4. David11A
      Hey James, I see you have an online business as well. I don't know how to direct message someone on here but I wanted to see if you wanted to get coffee here in Vegas since we both live here. It would be cool to meet another entrepreneur. My treat.
    5. CallMeWonder
      Hey James, your site is looking good, how many visitors are you getting monthly/.
    6. SPX
      Hey, james I love your designs. How do you go about designing your sites minus the code?
    7. shalamedia
      Hi James, is your site (freelanceful) still operational? It goes to a dead page for me?
    8. James Fend
      James Fend
      No, not too much. Just can make a simple slideshow via Flash, but that's about it.
    9. 77startup
      Hey jamesf do you know anything about animation?
    10. domular
      Fendza, is Freelanceful a site similar to odesk?
    11. domular
      We've posted on some of the same threads and I just pulled up your site. Very impressive what you've got going there looks great and seems like a great niche a lot of businesses would need.
    12. wallstreet
      Congrats just got your email! It's great that you went live, please post updates for us here!
    13. James Fend
      James Fend
      Thanks mlsalters77!
    14. mlsalters77
      Hey bro,
      Just came across your progress post, it was really inspirational. I am in the process of having a job search site built and I am really concerned about SEO and driving traffic to the site because I know nothing about that. My plan is to out source this to a professional. I just wanted to wish you luck on what your doing because the insight your giving is priceless. Thanks
    15. kwerner
      Thanks for the updates!
    16. kwerner
      Noticed you haven't updated your progress thread in a little while... just curious on how your project has been developing. Keep us updated! :)
    17. czach41
      Hey James, good to see a fellow 24 year old on his way to success!
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