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  • Hey integrity,
    I'm a newbie in this forum (and in AM)
    I just happened to pass by your life story thread, and it gave me quite a heartwarming push. Best of luck to you, buddy! and thanks for sharing about yourself. :)
    Is it possible to speak with you over the phone for like 30 minutes? I loved your story and don't really have any questions about AM, just wanted to ask you some questions about life and how you deal with challenges. Thanks
    hey, i loved the article you wrote about affiliate marketing. Just had a few questions about the traffic part that I'd like to ask you about. Maybe some guidance as to where I should start reading and implementing.
    Hey Tak, glad you liked my AMA. If you have any specific questions about traffic, ect.. please feel free to post them in the thread, that way everyone can benefit from the information.

    Thanks again for the compliment and have a great day!
    Hey sorry to bother you but i had a quick question, I was wondering if you had any info on where/how to start in affiliate marketing maybe some info on how you started?? I appreciate any answer in advance, thanks!
    Edit: Ps i couldn't figure out how to send you a pm so i posted it here hope you don't mind.
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