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  1. Intax

    How to be good at sales - book rec's, please.

    I'm kind of on the same path with my startup (I'm the head of sales but still learn a lot about it and read a ton of books in this area) The best I encountered so far: The secret of selling anything - Harry Brown -> really great book on how to approach selling face to face. This booked helped...
  2. Intax

    Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Yeah bitcoin is taking a lot of energy and this is one of the concerns I have for my long-term investment in bitcoin. I talked a lot with my professor about it and the problem is that the higher the price of bitcoin is the more infrastructure for mining will be built because the reward for...
  3. Intax

    Need some guidance

    Imo the best thing you can do is finding a job where you can learn as much as possible. If you want to start earning money find a job. This is the easiest way to earn money. Focus on helping people, finding problems and see if you can solve them. @Andy Black has a ton of great threads about...
  4. Intax

    Germany - Munich

    I'd be down for a zoom meeting or a normal meet-up
  5. Intax

    MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 Laptop for programming?

    I don't know what kind of coding you want to do but I have a Dell XPS 13 and it's great. The only real thing I don't like is the camera because it's at the bottom and the angle for video calls are a bit odd but that's only a little minus point. The performance is great and I don't know what...
  6. Intax

    You don't need to be an expert

    When you swipe up it opens your thread :) You are able to see that when you open MJs profile and click on his profile picture. It has a red circle around it. And it's only visible for 24 hours
  7. Intax

    You don't need to be an expert

    Through MJs Instagram Status I came again along this thread and reminded myself of the basis of entrepreneurship. Thanks for sharing this Andy (:
  8. Intax

    Happy Birthday Andy Black

    Hey @Andy Black, I know your birthday is already over some time but I like to take the time to just thank you for your contributions to this forum. I always took a lot from your posts and your constant reminder that we should just provide value really stuck with me. Now when I'm talking with my...
  9. Intax

    Vegan / Vegetarians Only (Chat about lifestyle, opportunities, food, whatever...)

    For those of you who live vegan: Do you take any supplements(like B12)? I hear a lot of different things. Some say you will naturally consume it if you eat unwashed vegetables from time to time and some say that you will get really sick after some time if you won't supplement it. What are your...
  10. Intax

    Diary entry of a shortcut seeker

    This is my real diary entry from a few days ago. It kind feels weird to make myself that vulnerable in this forum but maybe this insight helps someone. I began to understand the core problem which is holding me back for YEARS. The search for a secret bypass, the philosopher’s stone, an insight...
  11. Intax

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First)

    Thanks for the quote. It's really good and hits the mark on a big issue I have.
  12. Intax

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First)

    Great that you share some knowledge from stephen r Covey. He is a great mind and you can read his books several times over time and always find something new and valuable inside. I'm currently reading first things first as well and it's a great read as all the books from Covey
  13. Intax

    The Worldwide C0VlD-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    @MTF keep those great ressources coming! I learn a lot from the links many people share in this thread. Thanks for all the information in this thread (:
  14. Intax

    Attended a past Summit? Did you know this?

    Attended summit 2020
  15. Intax

    The 2020 Fastlane Summit - Official Event Thread!

    Thanks @MJ DeMarco @AllenCrawley, Danielle and all he speakers of the summit! It was an incredible event. I could take so much actionable knowledge and inspiration with me. Thank you for that. I'm working harder than ever on my project and will share my progress on the way.

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