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    I'm 21 years of age. About 6 or 7 years ago a friend and I started developing an laser tag system, we have spend alot of time into it and we have learned even more. Going from very basic electronics like resistors, transistors and leds to programming micro chips, LCD displays and creating protocols to cary data through light. But the most important thing I learned is that with developing things you need to take baby steps. Try to do to much at once and you'll collapse under the weight. This project however is still on going and currently also partly outsourced.

    I'm also still school going studying Industrial Engineering and going into my last year now. I also sell and produce scale RC products. This ranges from CNC milling aluminium products to making molds to injection mold products. The turnover from this is not very great. It's actually pretty low. But it earns me more with doing less than any job I could currently get would. I'm currently planning to expand this business a bit more and hopefully it will make me financially independent before I finish my study.
    I am however not confident in the ability of my current business/market to be able to let me get into the (even slightly) fast lane. I think this is mostly due to it being more work then running a business which also makes it badly scalable. I am however planning on developing my current business a bit further and probably start up other project into completely different directions on the way.

    So basically I have no set plan to wealth yet. And I think that probably should step out of my comfort zone more to achieve something worthwhile. But that is more easy said than done.

    Living life like it matters