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I have been working with clients with health issues for 15 years. In the beginning, I only worked a bit, raising my children and since my husband earned enough, it was frankly more of a paid hobby.
Now my children are bigger (16 and 14), I work more hours, but more hours also means more rent ( I rent my practice), more paperwork and more fatigue. Since it's a paid by the hour job, it will never make me rich. But I have developed during the last year a method for women and couples who have difficulties falling pregnant, how to 'unblock' them, physically and emotionally. This method I have been trying out with some clients (honestly a dozen..) and the succes rate on this small scale was around 85%. I now would like to sell this method as an ecourse and only treat clients (in office or online) that don't fall pregnant after three months of following this..for a fee that will be a lot steeper..
Since I honestly love this work, I wouldn't mind keeping 5/6 clients a week (instead of having to look for 25 per week).
Dec 15, 1969 (Age: 51)
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Services: Medical
naturopath, specializing in fertility issues


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