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  • the problem i face from listening to all the suggestions is that i have a good moral effort business pooling the underground doctors and clinics that are helping cure and heal people,but get no exposure.yet iam finding it so difficult to get a good way to organize and make it profitable on my end.all i have is the concept that people lives can be saved and or enhanced by the methods and doctors available but it seems difficult to package it and sell it.your directory was great example but all i will have is just the info of doctors who are curing people or getting people unbelieveable results.can you or any other fastlaner assist?
    Hey Gymjunkie... guess who joined the gym yesterday! I started with 45 mins on the elliptical , 35 mins on a bike, and some light legs.

    Time to get in shape!
    On my list I've got Bolivia, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, South Africa, UK, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Czech Republic, Buenos Aires, and France. (I would only live in these places for 3 months...because I don't need to get visas then)

    Any specific places you want to visit?
    Me too, I want to live an adventure and experience new places, learn new things! Expand myself! Ireland was my first journey away from Lithuania actually. I might be able to visit USA in 2010 though. And I heard Canada is nice. Although it's cold there now, but my friend said is really nice!
    No problem.:tiphat: Things have been really busy lately with school, but I am here almost everyday reading and learning. As for my fastlane venture, I'm looking for Mr. Patent Attorney to help me with some filing. :smx2:
    Hey Adrian, np for the add! I currently work in the insurance industry as my j.o.b., but when I get home from work and weekends, I work on our internet start up! Exciting stuff. I was browsing your 36 pounds site today... I like the info there. When I start lifting again, I'll use it as a resource.
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