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  1. Gridiron911

    Need Doctor Input on idea for Covid Medical Idea

    Hi Ron, Here’s my email Hopefully I can answer some questions Phil
  2. Gridiron911

    Need Doctor Input on idea for Covid Medical Idea

    Hey I’m not a doctor, just an old paramedic. Maybe there’s something I could answer.
  3. Gridiron911

    INTRO Shiny & new

    It had its moments. Very rewarding though.
  4. Gridiron911

    Of everything is the same how do determine value

    Currently I am an entrepreneur in the field of first aid instruction. To say it’s competitive is an understatement. I am trying to add value to the classes. I don’t believe cutting prices is an option I believe you get what pay for. If you want boring power point non experienced instructors...
  5. Gridiron911

    INTRO Shiny & new

    Hey , I’m Phil. I read The Millionaire Fastlane. It was such a good read I picked up unscripted, I’m just over half way. I enjoy the way my mind set has been challenged. These books are like fresh air I can’t get enough. The books are definitely getting me outside my comfort zone., reminding me...

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