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  1. GoGetter101

    How to change your mood instantly

    This is my personal trainer's YouTube channel. He recently made a video called how to change your mood instantly I've been doing this first thing in the morning everyday for the past few weeks and I've never felt this energized in my life. I'm not a morning person and I have the worst...
  2. GoGetter101

    How to stop procrastinating

    Haha should have written a part on how to read this without procrastinating
  3. GoGetter101

    How to stop procrastinating

    This is something I've struggled with for many years and still do to some extent. We can't completely defeat procrastination. This isn't a gimmick to fight procrastination. Like a 5 step system, or tricking your brain or rewarding yourself for finishing tasks. I've read so many articles and...
  4. GoGetter101

    Knowledge Into Action

    It's all about balance. If you feel like your not taking enough action then your probably consuming too much information (this is the majority of us) If you feel like your not learning anything from the actions you take then your not consuming enough information or at least new information. Why...
  5. GoGetter101

    Am I too dumb for this?

    I used to doubt myseld all the time until read Think and Grow Rich. This book was a huge mindset shift. It makes you realise that ALL IS IN THE MIND. If think you can't do it, you won't do it. If you think you'll fail, you'll fail. "What I think, I become" - Buddha Think and Grow Rich has...
  6. GoGetter101

    O/T: HEALTH Switching from night owl to early bird

    I'm a night owl and most of my life I've been sleeping late and waking up late. This routine works fine in the short term but in the long term I noticed I started staying up even later and waking up even later. So by the time I woke up the gyms are almost closed, there's peek hour traffic...
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