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  1. GivingFIRST


    I've read Unscripted. It's definitely a book I will be going back to again and again as my implementation goes on.
  2. GivingFIRST

    INTRO Hi Warriors! :)

    Same here. Not sure of the head start, still taking my first steps on the Fastlane. Enjoying the ride :)
  3. GivingFIRST

    INTRO Hi Warriors! :)

    Thanks :)
  4. GivingFIRST

    INTRO Hi Warriors! :)

    Thanks MJ, it feels so awesome to get a response from an author whose book I am reading. Going to remember this one. :)
  5. GivingFIRST

    INTRO Hi Warriors! :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome :) I am currently focussing on building my author platform. I have written 3 books in the Spiritual Fiction genre, kind of like The Alchemist space. So just taking the first steps towards building an audience for it. And, yes, you are absolutely right about Dubai...
  6. GivingFIRST

    INTRO Hi Warriors! :)

    Thanks for the tip @jon.a :)
  7. GivingFIRST

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book. Loved the straight talk.
  8. GivingFIRST

    INTRO Hi Warriors! :)

    Hi guys, It feels wonderful to join a community of entrepreneurs. Read so much about it in TMF and now reading more about it in Unscripted. Here's a bit about me. I am an advertising Copywriter, Creative Director and an Author. My slowlane 12+ years were spent in some of the top ad agencies...

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