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    Questions about software Development

    Thanks Chris, this really answered all my questions ! Your Blog is awesome, I'm reading it at the moment. I'll definitely update you guys on my journey if it can help or inspire people who are in the same situation as me.
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    8 things I learnt from starting, running, and selling a software agency

    Thank you for your tips. Yesterday I wrote a post on the forum asking for advices on starting a software development Agency and just like that you posted today !! If you don't mind answering , what did you do to get your first clients? And how did you handle your first project(s) ? Did you...
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    Questions about software Development

    Hey Andreas, this was exactly one of my biggest concerns. By working on this project I realized that I miscalculated so much things, and let's say if I had for example 3 customers at the same time, then It would be chaotic and I would never finish any of them. What do you think about having...
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    Questions about software Development

    Thank you very much for your answer ! I think that what you said regarding work with other friends with businesses is an avenue I might explore to get started. Also, by looking at what you said there, I think I should be more vocal about what I'm doing, because I just realised that I know...
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    Questions about software Development

    Hello, Being a student in the software development field, a friend of mine (he's a rental business owner) contacted me to help him. He was tired of always filling paper forms and available software is very expensive, so he asked if I could create a software that could help him automate his...
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    First entrepreneur steps on Upwork following Lex DeVille's Guide

    Hey man, really good thread! I was wondering what happened with your Freelance journey?
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    Making Money With Web Design 2017/2018

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of searching for web design clients and I want to go in person to their offices to speak with the owner/person in charge. At what moment of the day do you recommend going in person? Thank you in advance and sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question, it's...

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