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  1. eliquid

    GOLD! Paid Advertising Crash Course

    Just wanted to bump, for those out there in these times looking for ways to learn more during corona
  2. eliquid

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Besides what @aeden mentioned with Stripe Connect, I was going to say this sounds just like an affiliate setup. Why not set them up as affiliates of each other, with you being the "affiliate network" making the payout ( and being the middle man ). You could do this with a lot of affiliate...
  3. eliquid

    Want to hear from some others who are conflicted about hating work

    Thanks, I think @Velocke might need to look into HOT TOPIC - Not Fulfilled? Depressed? Maybe You Need An Alignment
  4. eliquid

    Enneagram Test: What are you?

    This is a big part of my post I was trying to get to Gold over at HOT TOPIC - Not Fulfilled? Depressed? Maybe You Need An Alignment Im a 5w4
  5. eliquid

    Is Tim Ferriss a fraud?

    Fraud, no Stretches out things a bit? Maybe. My cup of tea, no.
  6. eliquid

    EXECUTION SAA(H)S: From Idea Extraction To Paying Customers

    If you aren't building the SaaS to solve your own problems ( domain authority ) then you are doing it the wrong way. Trust me. .
  7. eliquid

    John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Scam (Or Spam)?

    I know a tiny bit of info since I did affiliate marketing and was the one of the very first people back in 2007 to start the whole mass affiliate marketing explosion when I was employed at MediaTrust ( an affiliate network ). Most of what you see today came from tactics harking back to 2007 that...
  8. eliquid

    HOT TOPIC Digital Marketing Agency, the new Podcasting?

    You can get close. Depends on your skill set and experience level and what output is expected. While you still got to do the work, the nice benefit is if I am traveling.. after work and on the weekends I am in this new place and enjoying it. I typically travel to beach areas so that before...
  9. eliquid

    *UNSCRIPTED* Have you had your "FTE"? (Or Was it an FTM?!)

    Similar types of stories here with new people coming in and getting the "hours" or the "pay" someone else should have gotten. Let this be a lesson to all other readers. If you are in a JOB, most times ( i didnt say every time ) you will make more money leaving and going to a new JOB. Deals...
  10. eliquid

    *UNSCRIPTED* Have you had your "FTE"? (Or Was it an FTM?!)

    So I have 2 thoughts on this. First of all, why shouldn't someone with more experience get more pay? Think of it like the sheeple irrational world we live in. Someone with more experience SHOULD be able to make better decisions and help the company make more money ( in general ), right? Again...
  11. eliquid

    *UNSCRIPTED* Have you had your "FTE"? (Or Was it an FTM?!)

    This is pretty common and average actually. Your 4% is either above the 2.7-3% average, or at the 4% that companies expect to give their top workers. Either way, seems you doing what others at your level are getting as far as raises go. BTW, I've always thought companies hated to give their...
  12. eliquid

    INTRO Founder of DNSimple, vendor of duct tape, purveyor of UDP packets.

    Crazy you are here. I loved RoboWhois. So much so, now that it is gone I am coding up my own SaaS version of it to be released in a few weeks. No hard feelings, not trying to compete. It's just that the product was gone and I needed it and decided to build one out and you just joined the...
  13. eliquid

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Mine prob is not the best, but it's what works the best ( for me/us ). I know there are some QA tools out there that watch PHP and OS processes ( Datadog comes to mind ). If you mean those, we use none. If you mean real issues in the UX and flow and process that impacts users 1x1 and are...
  14. eliquid

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    For sure, python can be used. I don't tell a lot of people this, but I once bought a desktop tool that did X job very well. This desktop tool was sold as just a single license tool for personal use. I made it into a SaaS by connecting it to a http server and using it's API plugin that came...
  15. eliquid

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    I wanted to add to this thread with some thoughts and stuff going on in my mind recently... Had a couple of people ask me recently about building SaaS and surveying their potential customer base and I keep going back to, you need to build based on your domain authority. Basically, build the...

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