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Recent content by elina_nazarova

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  1. elina_nazarova

    WEB SCHOOL Marketing Agency - put prices or not

    I totally agree. But there are hourly rates, for instance... Like say, starting from $** per hour. Anyway, I wasn't talking about IT sector.
  2. elina_nazarova

    WEB SCHOOL Marketing Agency - put prices or not

    the point is, a client will get to know the price sooner or later anyway. They can't buy without knowing the price. So, why postpone and evoke negative feelings in potential clients? :)
  3. elina_nazarova

    My procrastination habits make me miserable

    Create your daily plan and stick to it. If you want, you can keep 1 hour a day for gaming and 1 hour for youtube if it's really interesting for you. And ta-daam, you still have 10 hours for smth useful.
  4. elina_nazarova

    WEB SCHOOL Marketing Agency - put prices or not

    As a client I always prefer companies that show prices. I feel like they don't have anything to disguise and trust them more. Moreover, I am that kind of person that doesn't like unnecessary moves, like contacting and asking something that could be visible from the start.
  5. elina_nazarova

    New mobile App location based service - Need Feedback

    Nice idea! I wish you good luck with it and recommend you to find a good development company to lead it from idea to a successful product.
  6. elina_nazarova

    INTRO I dont know what to start

    While you have viewers, customers, etc., you can't be fully in control, but it still doesn't mean you should refuse your dreams and goals. If you want to start something, let it be smth you really enjoy doing and you feel it will be so for many many years ahead. Good luck!
  7. elina_nazarova

    INTRO Hi guys!

    Hi! I'm from Ukraine
  8. elina_nazarova

    INTRO Hi guys!

    That's great! I'll search for it
  9. elina_nazarova

    INTRO Hi guys!

    Thank you :)
  10. elina_nazarova

    INTRO Hi guys!

    Thank you! Just searched for interesting forums on Google :)
  11. elina_nazarova

    O/T: HEALTH Does anyone count calorie intake?

    I do, from time to time. I use the FatSecret app for it. I do it out of curiosity and understanding how to balance my nutrition to be healthier.
  12. elina_nazarova

    Need some direction to my problem

    Hi! I would recommend to hire a development company. Your studying will really take months, and it still doesn't guarantee you will build the platform correctly. Try to search Goodfirms, Clutch, Upwork for a needed software company. Good luck in your search!
  13. elina_nazarova

    I am betrayed and want to kill myself

    Hi there! First and foremost, stop thinking your life depends on what other people say! Do you really think their opinion matters? It's your life, and it's just yours! They don't have right to judge you until you hurt anyone, and I hope you don't. Don't pay attention to what they say about you...
  14. elina_nazarova

    INTRO Hi guys!

    Hello, I'm Elina, a head of marketing at a software company. I'm here to share experience and interesting insights, and hope to find something interesting for myself here.

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