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  1. ^eagle^

    INTRO Re introduction

    If it's in violation I apologize. Please feel free to delete. Just asking. I have other avenues. I had a few beers and threw that post up. A lapse in Judgement no Doubt.
  2. ^eagle^

    INTRO Re introduction

    Hello, Some of you old timers might remember me. Crazy new penny chasing, No listening to advice Forex trading Czar til DoddFrank took me down while in Beta... What ever..The list goes on. I reached a point Where I had given up. I thought maybe I was too crazy to make it... I'm smart...
  3. ^eagle^

    INTRO Old time member, battered and beaten

    Hi, Many of the old timers here probably have recollections of my ramblings. I have failed numerous times at numerous endeavors. Some were going well until the Government stepped in and forced me to quit. I won't go into details. if you are curious my posts are archived. I went underground...
  4. ^eagle^

    HOT TOPIC The Active Forex Traders Discussion

    sounds like you are trading futures MJ. Not bucket shop forex. The mt4 platforms are a joke. If you start winning they mANIPULATE YOU ON THE DEALER SIDE. i took a spill and financially its been a hard road but now I got a small rental going and fighting inflation to beat the tax man. I know...
  5. ^eagle^

    NOTABLE! Just Stolen! - Please Critique My Sales Page

    YThis bag of dicks reminds me of the douchebag that stole my property. People like this have no integrity and are only out to F*ck you over. Now I have to come up with money to sue F*ckers like this and they bank that you won't. This post was the one that got me posting back in the fastlane...
  6. ^eagle^

    GOLD! 500th post: Some legendary advice and thoughts

    Step 1: How can you create something of value better than what's out there? Step 2: When you do that, how can you reach your potential audience? Think you already wrote it snow bank
  7. ^eagle^

    HOT TOPIC Paleo Lifestyle

    I eat lots of eggs too! Now for my vegetable chowder recipe Three cans of condensed cream of mushroom soup prepared as on package. two cans of corn. two cans of green beans, two cans of diced potatoes and two cans of peas all drained. 1 cup of shredded cheese of any flavor, pepper to...
  8. ^eagle^

    HOT TOPIC Paleo Lifestyle I have been eating this way for years. Never thought about putting a label on it. Besides from a few times I was injured over the past two years I have maintained this shape pretty much since high...
  9. ^eagle^

    GOLD! My 1000th Post.. LOSE THE JOB, NOW!!!

    I am working towards this ideal. Although I cannot just drop everything and run off to Cali because I have children involved and not just a bunch of slacking adults (although I have those too) I am teaming up with my brother from another mother. I hope to be reporting back within a year free...
  10. ^eagle^

    HOT TOPIC The Active Forex Traders Discussion

    ^eagle^'s trading method @ Forex Factory Here's the thread I started. It doesn't get the following I think because I make them google the items I use for fundamental analysis. I really didnt want to even post the link here because I want people who really want to learn. Not tire kickers...
  11. ^eagle^

    The Undisputed LAWS of the Financial Markets?

    1. You cant go broke taking profit. 2. you cant go broke breaking even. 3. Only a big loss can hurt you.
  12. ^eagle^

    EXECUTION Progress Thread: Consistently Profitable Trader

    I have recently over the past four months become consistently profitable as a part time trader. I'm rooting for you! Plenty of pips to go around. Is this face book group a private group? Do you have to be invited? I would like a professional to look over my trading plan. I have a lot of...
  13. ^eagle^

    The Undisputed LAWS of the Financial Markets?

    Chaos Theory for Beginners; An Introduction I found this article to be helpful in describing markets. I trade forex and see attractors all the time. and self similarity is changing timeframes. the charts look very similar yet different because of different attractors. Don't know the...
  14. ^eagle^

    OFF-TOPIC Squatter Seeks To Occupy $2.5 Million Boca Raton Mansion

    This is a totally legal avenue called adverse possession. I know quite a lot about it and investigated a few houses to do it. It's a law designed so that Fallow property can become inhabited by people if the owners are unknown. And if you understood how corrupt the banking system is in it's...

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